Think Twice Before You Talk To A Comm Student
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Think Twice Before You Talk To A Comm Student

Communication isn't that simple.

Think Twice Before You Talk To A Comm Student

With different majors come different opinions. Oh, you're in the nursing program? How on earth do you do it? Or, you're still undecided? Aren't you interested in at least something? Although these are only two small thoughts amid all that is pondered by students and even parents, I have experienced a controversial conversation whenever I mention that I'm a Communication Studies Major. This is not to bash anyone who views this major "too broad" or "easy," because all majors require effort regardless of their title, but it's to point out a larger issue: communication.

The ability to properly and effectively communicate is easily one of the most important skills in life. Communication is how we express ourselves and create ourselves as individuals. Without communication, who are we? As I consider this question, I think about how people are rather quick to assume they understand the importance of transferring information properly. When I say "properly," I'm referencing the fact that our generation is spiraling downward in the face-to-face communication department of life.

We can literally do everything from the touch of a button- apply for internships, communicate with professors, post about how proud we are for accepting a full-time job, and the list continues. So, what's wrong with that? Nothing, necessarily, but the world we currently live in makes things much easier than ever before when it comes to communication at all costs. For that, I commend my fellow Communications Studies peers as the people we surround every day are benefitting from the skills we have learned and the research we have studied.

At this moment in time, it may be hard to see, but Communications Studies students are a resource. We pride ourselves in understanding the best way to send messages to people, and we work to create effective, comfortable interactions with others no matter what the setting may be. So, the next time you come across a Comm student, think twice. He or she is more than a major study area, but someone who is leading by example in this technologically expressive era.

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