Let's Talk About Mariah Carey's NYE Performance

Mariah Carey is known for taking the stage by storm and belting out some pretty high notes like she did in one of her biggest hits "All I Want For Christmas Is You." Last night, however, on the popular television show, "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve" let's just say she didn't exactly take anyone by storm.

Although I'm not a fan, I have to admit Mariah Carey has talent and I guess I would have placed her with great artists like Whitney Huston, Janet Jackson, and many others — before last night that is. Since Mariah Carey was the first performer to headline the show's live Time Square performances in 2005, the show was trying to be celebratory of its history. However, it kind of backfired.

In the video, we can hear her say that there was no dress rehearsal for this New Years' performance and blamed it on the audio track, and monitors in her ears. Later in her performance of "Emotions" she joined her dancers, as they surrounded her. As talented as she is, I would think that she wouldn't need an audio track to lip sync over. After all, she doesn't get paid to have the audience sing her songs for her.

But then again, I'm not a singer, so I really wouldn't know anything about monitors and backing tracks and things of that nature. Regardless of the situation, I still think she could have done a lot better with handling herself.

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