Race is something that tears us apart. Race is something that makes some people feel small while others feel powerful. Race is something some individuals struggle to talk about because it has become the sensitive topic that will either offend someone or spark an argument.

But let's talk about it - let's talk about race.

Late in the night, a friend and I got into a deep conversation about race, privilege, and discrimination. All of this hatred, judgment and negativity sprouts from the color of our skins. People are treated differently based on the closed-minded stereotypes.

Some individuals struggle to feel safe driving on the roads, walking alone in streets or simply attending school because of the fear of being attacked or criticized solely based on their color of their skin. Some people cannot go to the store and find a foundation color because these companies do not create shades that match their complexion. Interracial couples are still looked at in a different light. These are just a few examples of how racism affects people.

Thinking about all of the little aspects of racism, I had to stop and ask 'why?'. Why are we still lingering on the differences between skin color? Why is it so hard to accept that there are different races in our world?

We are the most diverse generation, yet many do not challenge someone's racist joke or comment. We do not stop and sacrifice a short time in our day to correct someone being offensive. We still don't know how to step out of our comfort to correct another individual.

In the end, we are all humans and we are equal - no matter the color of our skin. These issues bubbling underneath our society can be changed when people start to question the basic principles of all racism with the simple 'why?'.

Racism will persist unless everyone makes a constant and relentless contribution to change.

So the next time you hear something racist, take a second out of your day to correct that person. Because only then, when everyone, and yes, I mean everyone, is pushing against these issues, we will have a bigger, stronger movement. So, will you wait for the change or be the change?