Taking a Comprehensive Look into Counos
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Taking a Comprehensive Look into Counos

Counos Platform was established in 2018 in Switzerland to answer the needs of the users after Blockchain technology became prevalent in the financial world.

Taking a Comprehensive Look into Counos

Counos Platform was established in 2018 in Switzerland to answer the needs of the users after Blockchain technology became prevalent in the financial world. Being a predominantly Blockchain-based company, Counos offers an extensive range of financial services, both in the world of Blockchain and otherwise. As the company claims, the principal aim behind it is to create an economic community. And at the heart of this economic community are people. People who have gathered together to employ the financial tools offered by Counos in order to further their goals.

The ultimate aim here would be a very large decentralized network powered by various individuals from all over the world all gathered in one place. This would mean users creating wealth and value by each other for each other.

In this article, we will discuss some of the services offered by this company, including cryptocurrencies such as Counos X, Counos Bit, Counos H, and financial services such as Payment Gateway, Securitization Services, and also Crypto Exchange.

Counos X

This cryptocurrency, with the exclusive code of CCXX, has been developed with an independent Blockchain network based on the proof of work algorithm. The total cap of Counos X is set to be 21,000,000 coins. In the first stage of offering this coin, about 18,300,000 coins have been offered.

The maximum coin generation limit has been set to 25 coins per day. This means that even though only about 3 million coins are left for mining, but it would take more than 300 years to mine all the coins. Thus ensuring the value stability of this cryptocurrency.

In addition, Counos X has obtained a Swiss ISIN, making it the first bankable digital currency in the world. In simple terms, being bankable means that users can purchase this coin from their local bank anywhere in the world. But being a tool for financial transfer is just the first step for Counos X.

As far as the main aim of the platform is concerned, Counos X has been designed to achieve that very goal. To create a large community of users, through offering an extensive array of service.

As such, various services are offered all based on the Blockchain network of Counos X, namely Counos Layer, Certification System, Election System, Copyright System, and Decentralized Finance.

Counos Layer

This is a protocol built on top of the Blockchain network of CCXX. This protocol will make it possible to issue and develop various digital assets, such as tokens, all according to the network of Counos X.

Counos Layer platform allows for defining and designing new tokens and digital currencies. At the moment, Counos Layer is being offered on top of the Blockchain network of Counos H, and various tokens with different functions are being offered. The transactions on Counos Layer are in fact special transactions on the network of Counos H. Given that blocks are mined with a fast pace and transactions have a low fee, Counos Layer can be used as a competitive edge in comparison with existing networks.

In order to have a new digital currency, you can easily create a new token on the Blockchain network of Counos Layer platform. Then with the different definitions provided in the network, you can manage this asset according to your needs and commercial demands.

Interesting point is that in order to do this, there is no need for programming or technical knowledge. Only by filling out a few parameters, your new token will be ready.

Certification System

In this system, using the network of CCXX and its coins, various certificates can be issued, including university degrees, transportation documents, identification documents, etc.

Election System

Offering a tamper-proof, decentralized, and completely reliable election system, in which voting ballots are Counos X coins. And the ballot boxes are Counos X wallets.

Copyright System

The Blockchain network of Counos X will be used to register, record, and store all different sorts of copyrighted material. This includes, all types of patents, intellectual property rights, music rights, etc.

Decentralized Finance

Decentralized finance, or shortly known as DeFi, is a newly developed concept regarding a decentralized financial system. This is what Counos X presents. An infrastructure for conducting financial matters in a decentralized matter.

All in all, the various services that Counos X offers to meet the needs of the users revolve around one thing; Counos X coin. Imagine a machine with many different parts. In order for this machine and all its parts to run properly, it needs fuel.

In this scenario, Counos X coins are the fuel to this financial system. A system designed to create wealth, value, and services for all users.

Counos Bit

Otherwise known as Cbit, Counos Bit is a cryptocurrency that is built on a Blockchain network called a hard fork.

In fact, the network of Counos Bit is a hard fork of Bitcoin’s Blockchain network. This new hard fork is a continuation of the Bitcoin chain. This means that it splits from where the network of Bitcoin is right now and will continue as a separate independent network.

In other words, the network of Counos Bit will include all the information of Bitcoin network. But what is the reason behind developing a hard fork based on Bitcoin?

As mentioned above, the new network will include all the information already recorded on the network of Bitcoin. But the point is that it will include many various improvements and changes.

This includes a much higher total cap of coins, faster block generation, faster transactions, and a Blockchain-based messaging system.

Specifics of Cbit

Counos Bit has been developed based on the SHA-256 algorithm, which is one of the most well-known and prominent cryptocurrency algorithms.

At the same time, because its network is a continuation of Bitcoin’s network. All the users who already have Bitcoin will also have the exact same about of Counos Bit coins on the new network.

What this means is that the entire Bitcoin community will be able to participate in the new network; this is literally anyone who has any amount of Bitcoin.

Therefore, about 18,600,000 coins have already been mined. But the total cap of coins for the Cbit is set to be 2,100,000,000 coins.

Additionally, the average block generation time for Counos Bit is 30 seconds. This means a much larger volume of transaction in a much faster time.

And, as mentioned above, the Blockchain network of Counos Bit will also entail a messaging system. The way this system works is that users can send each other messages that are recorded on the network. Of course, these messages are sent as part of transactions made in the chain. Therefore, every single message can be seen in the block explorer of the network. Users will also be able to send each public and private messages.

Altogether, Counos Bit is a hard fork that will include and also encourage every single Bitcoin user to be part of a bigger and more importantly more efficient network.

Counos H

CCH is a cryptocurrency provided by the Swiss-based Blockchain company, Counos Platform. This coin operates in a completely independent Blockchain network. Counos H has been designed based on the SHA-256 algorithm. The total number of coins that can be offered in the network of CCH are 18,888,888.

This coin and its Blockchain network have been designed in order to be used to launch a stock market and a trading platform. In fact, Counos H will be used to create new tokens. These tokens will be utility tokens.

These utility tokens will be based on commodities, although not backed by them. What this means is that the price of these tokens will vary depending on the commodities; for instance, rice, wheat, gold, silver, coal, etc. Basically, any economic good that has a rather substantial fungibility.

Xbit Lottery

Xbit Lottery is an international and top grade lottery system. The lottery completely takes place on Blockchain. In this way, Xbit Lottery is set apart from the existing and traditional systems. Using Blockchain technology will guarantee a level of full transparency and security for everyone, such that no other lottery system can provide. Among many important features of this system is that the winning money is kept in a wallet throughout the entire process, so that it can be clearly seen in the explorer by all users. In addition, the tickets issued, are in fact NFTs that have been issued on the Blockchain of Counos H. Thus, ensuring complete transparency, security, and a tamper-proof lottery process.


The centralized exchange of Counos offers fast, private, and secure cryptocurrency exchanges. Implementing world class safety and security standards, Counos Exchange provides an environment for users to engage in crypto trades with ease of mind.

A prominent feature of this exchange is its powerful matching machine, meaning that users will be able to find a match for their trade pair easily and quickly. At the same time, quick deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies as well as fiat money are provided.

But there’s more. In order to facilitate and offer a much more smooth experience of trading, the trade page implements a Single-Page Application, otherwise known as SPA. This will enable users evaluate the market in real-time and quickly.

At the same time, reaching for much faster and quicker trading operations do not come as a cost to security.

The exchange is fitted with different security features. Including Counos SSO, or Single Sing On, which itself includes Two Step Verification, and KYC (know Your Customer).

Smooth, fast, and straightforward, yet at the same time, safe and secure.

Payment Gateway

Counos Payment Gateway can be used by any business, especially E-commerce businesses, in order to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method for the goods and services they offer to users.

This payment gateway supports a wide range of digital currencies. This enables businesses to select whichever cryptocurrency they want to accept as their desirable payment option.

With regard to user security and privacy, Counos Payment Gateway may just be the ideal choice. Since, no wallet information will be required of them to make the payment. In addition, they will not be redirected to third-party websites.

The security offered by this payment gateway concerns both sides of the deal. Customers and businesses. Just like no unnecessary information, such as wallet info, will be required from users, the businesses can also rest assured that they will receive their due payment in full. This is achieved via receiving adequate payment confirmations before clearing an invoice.

So, both the customer and the online shop will have guarantee of a secure and reassured transaction.

Moreover, the withdrawal of the payments made by customers can be carried out in an easy manner via the gateways panel and with the help of the different APIs provided.

There are already businesses that implement Counos Payment Gateway. For instance, Real001, which is an online precious metals and luxurious goods shop. And also Xbit Gaming Platform, which is another business that implements Counos Payment Gateway.


This is a concept that is usually not understood by the general reader. In simple terms, securitization is a process whereby a financial asset is transformed into an asset with real value.

In the same manner, Counos Securitization Services can transform any financial asset and make it fungible.

So, imagine a company that is offering a digital currency. But this crypto is not doing so well. It doesn’t have much market value and it is not accepted by many exchanges.

Securitization can make this crypto into a fully tradable asset. One that can enter various markets and exchanges and be traded by users.

This is what it means for an asset to become fungible and bankable. In other words, it becomes fully financially legitimate.

The way Counos Platform securitizes an asset is via Swiss ISIN, or international security identification number.

When Swiss ISIN is obtained for an asset, it becomes fully bankable. This means, even traditional banks will recognize the asset, even if the asset at hand is a cryptocurrency.

Counos, born in the heart of Switzerland, bringing the might of Swiss Stock Market for assets all over the world.

Final Remarks

As we have seen in this article the ultimate aim of Counos platform is to create an economic community. This economic community will create wealth. And to do that they can use the services of Counos as tools.

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