7 Ways To Take Your Dorm Room From Drab To Fab

Arriving at school on move in day and seeing an extremely bare room with plain white walls and tile floors definitely provides an element of stress. How in the world do you take what practically looks like a jail cell and turn it into your home away from home? Surprisingly, that task is much easier than it seems. By adding just a few things, your dorm room could possibly feel cozier than your room at home.

1. Rug.

A rug not only makes the room look more open, but it also provides additional seating for all the friends you will make because of your cozy room. A rug will also cover up the cold, tile floor no one wants to sit on or look at. For most dorm rooms, a 5x7 or 6x8 sized rug will fit just fine. While these big rugs can get pricey, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Big Lots, and Christmas Tree Shop have some super soft rugs for cheap!

2. Lamp.

Let’s face it, dorm lighting definitely is not the best. The tiny overhead light that is in each dorm barely lights up the room. A floor lamp will provide extra light and adds a soft glow to the room. It might even improve your selfie lighting which is a major plus. Don't forget the desk lamp either! Target and Walmart both have some great options for floor and desk lamps for a low cost.

3. Curtains.

Even though every dorm room comes with blinds, curtains will help add that little bit extra to the room. White flowy curtains make the room look airy and inviting, I mean curtains will help on the weekends when the sun rises way before you want to. However, most colleges require that curtains be flame resistant, or sprayed with fire retardant spray. Make sure you follow these guidelines while shopping. No one wants to buy super cute curtains and then have to return them.

4. Christmas lights.

Christmas lights are super pretty and also add extra lighting for your room. They’re dim enough to use as a night light for when you need some extra study time but your roommate wants to hit the hay. For a cute DIY project, spray paint clothespins your favorite color and use them to hang pictures from the strings of christmas lights. Big Lots has white string christmas lights for only $5!

5. Lots and lots of pictures.

Having pictures of friends and family all over your room helps when the homesickness really hits hard. Being able to look up and see pictures of the numerous memories you made before college helps you smile when you’re feeling a little down. Also, pictures make the room look super lived in and comfy. At Walmart, prices range from $.09 to $.25 per print, so you can definitely print out the 30 pictures of your dog to hang up around the room.

6. Pillows.

Who doesn’t love decorative pillows that match your comforter perfectly? Pillows make your bed look super inviting for when you come home from your 8 a.m. feeling dead and you can easily throw them on the floor for when the girls from down the hall come over for movie night. Many stores now offer "Bed in a Bag" sets that come with some adorable pillows that match everything! One less thing to stress about while college shopping.

7. Blanket.

Mostly everyone has that one blanket that is their designated security blanket. That thing has been through everything from wisdom teeth extractions to breakups with you and how could you possibly survive college without it? Believe me, during the winter it will definitely help with providing some extra heat.

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