Do you ever find yourself rushing to get stuff done? Do you ever feel like you're always forgetting something or don't have enough time to pack? Traveling can be quite stressful when you wait until the last minute to get everything done. Here we will address the problems that can arise with traveling and how to deal with them effectively, so you are on time, organized, and get everything done.

One of the main issues when traveling is not allowing yourself enough time to get everything done. For instance, you start to pack the day of or the night before your flight and forget that you have to take out the trash, clean your dishes, take care of your animals, etc. beforehand and then you panic and start to forget things. This can be a big problem because you may end up forgetting something important, such as your medication. In order to fix this problem, I recommend starting to pack or at least do house maintenance three days in advance. This will help give you buffer time in order to get everything done and allow for things you forgot about and just remembered to still get done. Planning ahead means a successful and less stressful traveling experience.

Another issue when traveling is forgetting items. This can be very detrimental to the relaxation of the vacation if you forget something very important like medication or a credit card. In order to reduce the chances of forgetting items on your oh so relaxing vacation, you should write out a list. Write out everything you need to bring and organize it in sections, such as "clothing" and "toiletries." Making a list can help jog your memory of things that you would've forgotten if you simply went off the top of your head. A list helps packing go more smoothly. You'll thank yourself in the end when you're sipping a refreshing piña colada on the beach with the sun beaming down on you not worrying about a damn thing because you brought sunscreen and your ID. "Life is good man," you say as you wiggle your toes in the sand, and let the sweet sun kiss your protected skin. Don't you want to be that person? Make a list!

No matter where you're traveling to, its best to be well prepared and ahead of the game. You'll be significantly less stressed and more in the traveling mindset of relaxation and indulgence. Making a list and allowing yourself enough time to get everything done are the keys to having an amazing, stress-free traveling experience. Now go out there and make that list so you can enjoy that well-earned piña colada and not have to worry about a damn thing!