I think one of my many mistakes is not celebrating myself and doing things that I've always wanted to do by myself. If you're like me, you forget that sometimes you need to take time to do something for you. You are always devoting yourself to other people and sometimes forget that you need a rest every once in awhile. Here are some ways to celebrate yourself!

1. Go get some food

I know this is obvious (who doesn't like food?), but go to a nice sit-down restaurant, sit there, and have your favorite meal. Don't be afraid to eat by yourself and enjoy your own company.

2. Bath time

Turn off your phone, run the bath, and get a cute little bath bomb to help your worries flow away. Along with all this, turn on the most relaxing music you have and just enjoy. You deserve it.

3. Buy something

It doesn't have to be expensive, it can be as cheap as $3, but sometimes just buying yourself something can help your mood and help you celebrate yourself because you deserve it.

4. Oooh La La

Now, who doesn't like a dessert? Oohh La La is right. Cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, you name it. Grab your favorite dessert and enjoy it with red or white wine or a simple soda. You deserve it, so celebrate yourself and savor into something sweet.

5. Lazy Day

It's okay to be lazy and to do nothing. Being lazy doesn't mean you are lazy, it just means that you are taking time to yourself to celebrate yourself. You deserve to be relaxed! You deserve to be lazy for a day!