I tend to worry about the future a lot and this causes me to sometimes go into panic mode about things that are honestly, out of my control. I've come to the conclusion that there's no point in stressing out about these things. Now, don't get me wrong. I think having long-term goals is healthy and having an idea of what your career or future looks like is great. But when you overwhelm yourself about the little things that lead us to those goals, it can get a little intense.

Recently I heard this piece of advice from one of my mentors. She said to take things one day at a time. She applied this to how by making the right choices and avoiding the things that aren't pleasant to God on a daily basis, this will lead us to live a life that is godly by just taking things day by day. This advice really made me realize that it's true and that it can be applied to so many other things we face.

Just simply having a "taking it day by day" mindset can be something you can apply to almost anything in your life. It might be the idea that you want to make more friends but you are so afraid of sticking out of your comfort zone. So, start today by just asking a question to the person who has been sitting next to you in lecture all the time. Or that you're constantly worried that you'll do something that will disappoint those around you. Instead, focus on what you can do today and making the right decision at this moment, It might be that your worried about how your business is going to take off. So, give today your best to your business and keep working on it to expand. Or how this class is just so hard and you're sure you're going to fail. Then study today and take notes that will help you eventually pass that class. Or how there are so many temptations around you and you feel like you might fall Focus on today and when a temptation comes, choose to walk away and say no. You just have to take what today brings and decide to make choices that will help you reach those goals eventually.

When we focus too much into the future and think our goals are too big, we are losing the ability to focus on the present and make the right decisions today to lead us there. We are consumed by planning out our future and become overwhelmed with it but honestly, we will never 100% know what tomorrow will bring. So, show up fully committed today and tell yourself "today is a new day and I am committed to being productive and present in whatever today brings."

Just do the best you can today and slowly you'll start seeing that not only are you less stressed and worried but you are also bringing out your best self every day. It's the best we can do.