Sympathy for Hannah B.
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Sympathy for Hannah B.

Why We Should Give Bachelor And Bachelorette Star, Hannah B., Some Slack

Sympathy for Hannah B.

If you are a fan of the beloved reality, dating TV series The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, then you most likely already know about the craziness that occured on the premiere episode of Peter Webber's season of The Bachelor. If you don't know anything about the series, but you are curious, here is a little background information on Hannah Brown and Peter Webber's story:

Hannah was first introduced to us as a contestant during Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor. She fell in love with Colton, but did not win his heart in the end, leading to her being chosen to be the next Bachelorette. Hannah's season was one of the most dramatic seasons of The Bachelorette and included some of the most loved and most hated contestants that Bachelor Nation has seen. One of the men that was widely adored amongst audiences was Peter Webber, the pilot, who unfortunately was sent home by Hannah right before the episode where he would've met her family and would've been one of the last two men left. The decision to send Peter home upset almost all of Bachelor Nation as we watched him cry as he left Hannah. This was made up for by the announcement that Peter would be the next Bachelor, so audiences may still be able to see him get his happy ending.

Now that you are basically caught up I must warn you that after this point there will be SPOILERS about the first episode of Peter's season as the Bachelor.

Although commercials showed bits of Hannah's appearance on this episode, her arrival was still a surprise for many, including Peter. She appears twice in the episode, once at the beginning when she arrives in a limo as if she was one of the contestants. Audiences sat at the edge of their seats wondering if she was there to possibly be a part of the house, as Peter admitted he thought about too. Instead Hannah gave Peter back the wings that he had given her when he met her at the beginning of her season of The Bachelorette in that very place. Personally, I thought that was a very thoughtful and kind thing to do for someone who you left heartbroken, but you still care about. Her words to him were very supportive, but if one examined her closely it appeared that she was a little upset and struggling in that moment talking to him.

Hannah shows up again for the second group date, which was very odd to say the least. The first thing that seemed off about this group date was that Peter said that he had asked a good friend to organize the date, but anyone could see his surprise when it was revealed that Hannah was the "good friend". The second thing I found very odd was the activity Hannah "chose" to have the group do on their date. Later on seeing how upset and conflicted Hannah is, confirms the rumors that she was contractually obligated to appear in this episode. I believe that Hannah knows she messed up in sending Peter home and messed up again when she didn't contact him after the show. I also believe that she recognizes that she has lost her chance with Peter because she doesn't come in asking for him to take her back; however, seeing him and remembering how it felt to be with him hurt and reminded her of her mistakes. I do not think Hannah will take Peter's offer to join the house next week, mostly because she couldn't have done that and film Dancing With The Stars at the same time, but also because she doesn't want to interfere with Peter's season or his actions to move on because she knows she messed up. If everyone could take a second and put themselves in Hannah's shoes rather than accusing her of trying to steal Peter's spotlight or trying to get him back after sending him home as her third choice, then maybe we could see that many of us would react in the same way if we were forced to see an ex that we still had feelings for.

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