Symmetry and Idealism
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Symmetry and Idealism

Idealism in a a world of entropy

Symmetry and Idealism

An A4 folded into two perfect sides.

A square with equal equals.

A fine line splitting a unified image.

A human body divided into right and left.

Ideal. Prefect. Alike. Similar. All are words that are close to Symmetry.

In a world where one of the most fundamental concepts is the beauty of achieving perfection and idealization I find the concept of Symmetry mesmerizing.

The reason behind my fascination tracks back to one of the characteristics that I am both very proud of and very ashamed of: my constant strive for idealism.

Through anything that I do, I can't help but want to make it the best version that it can be, that is, it becoming an ideal version. A permanent race to always do that best I can in every situation, to live hustling, fighting, and going the extra mile. To actually live happily, however, I must be okay with the idea of not obtaining symmetry. Meaning, I have to learn to accept imperfections, misshaped lines in perfect squares, and unexpected turns in a well-constructed plan.

To achieve happiness means to be okay with the sudden adventures that come in your way when you least expect them. To be sure that no matter what happens, the idea of embracing the change is what will help you get through all the obstacles and struggles.

Symmetry is beautiful. It’s the rainbow after thunderstorms. It’s the reassurance during rough days. Symmetry, though, will always remain to be a symbol of idealism that should never be achieved because to achieve one will lose the beauty of living through unexpected changes that are the stem of learning and growth.

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