There is a lady in her mid-40's, currently buying $1,180 Chanel boots,

she believes that in life you're either in bed or shoes, and well, she's already got a fine king-sized bed she sleeps on herself.

There is a mail man dressed in turquoise blue,

delivering sugar glazed Krispy Kreme's to apartment 5D,

where, inside lives a broken hearted girl that ordered those doughnuts

to keep her company while she watches 'The Notebook' by herself.

There is a fourteen year old boy with bright green eyes and freckled cheeks,

who brought a bouquet of leaves to his parent's cemetery, not flowers,

because of the way his mom was allergic to pollen and bumblebees.

There is a clock that reads 6:32am, and a boy sitting on the roof,

watching the sun slowly rise, thinking about his friends who say, "you don't need her",

and him thinking "but I want her, and that's worse."

"They don't get it" or "no one understands", is what every person claims.

But how many people are feeling alone?

Seven billion of us, most of who sometimes feel lonely.

If we're all alone, then we're all alone together—

Being alone never seemed so symbiotic,

yet still feel unusually segregated.