We all knew it would come to an end. Spring semester, bring it on.

What better way to capture syllabus week than a little bit of Bobs Burgers?

It all starts with the struggle of getting up for that first class.

After walking to class, you have zero motivation to sit through it.

You need to woo that professor to get off the wait list. Maybe a nice flip of the hair and a warm smile will get you that permission code.

Quickly all of the welcome back emails get to you.

You told yourself that this was the semester you were going to get in shape.

...And keep your room clean.

But all you can really think about is how you'd much rather be lying on a beach somewhere.

Because we all know you aren't going to stick to that.

By the end of the week, your parents are texting you asking how classes went, and making sure you're on the road to straight A's.

But hey, we're sure as hell going to try