Ah, syllabus week. You never really know what to expect. Will you have an easy few days consisting of long nights with friends, or will you be up to your ears in homework after just one class? Thankfully, Shonda Rhimes has prepared us perfectly for any sylly week scenario we may (and probably will) encounter.

1. Waking up on the first day and realizing that break is really over:

2. Walking into a class and seeing your friend:

3. When lunch time rolls around but you're still in a lecture:

4. When an hour-and-a-half class gets out in 30 minutes:

5. Sitting in class thinking about your plans for the night...

6. ...but then the professor assigns hours of homework on the first day:

7. When you find out a class has a +/- grading scale:

8. Promising yourself that this REALLY is your 4.0 semester this time...

9. ...but then listening to your professor going over the semester's assignments and realizing that you're doomed:

10. And finally, accepting your fate for the semester and going out that night anyway:

It's time to own this semester. We can do it!