Syllabus Week As Told By Lorelai Gilmore

Syllabus week, it's a beauty, eh? Until it's gone, at least. That being said, there are a few times throughout the week that we find ourselves biting our tongue and saying things a lot more appropriate than what we really think. That's when my favorite Gilmore Girl comes in, she's a master at saying what we really mean. Thanks, Lorelai, you really know how to read our minds.

1. "Why did I schedule an 8am this semester again?"

2. "My name is _____ and I'm from _____, and I want to ___...."

3. "... Oh, Hobbies? Well.. I like to hang out with my friends."

4. "Maybe this syllabus isn't so bad..."

5. "Oh, yeah. I totally think you can get an A in this class because you aced it in high school."


7. "Is this class EVER going to be over?"

8. "Well, I don't understand 90% of the objectives on the syllabus.."

9. "Maybe I'll just drop out and get married."

10. "I've heard the accademic dishonesty statement nine times this week."

11. "Econ? Wait, I'm supposed to be in Literature."

12. "Looks like I'll be living in the library instead of the gym this semester."

13. "I'm going to die this semester."

14. To Friend: "How's the syllabus week challenge going for ya?"

15. "Week one down, however will I celebrate?"

16. "Time to prep for the rest of the semester."

Here's to a new semester, good luck everyone!

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