Prepare you liver's and your bank account's, because we've reached that time of year again. Syllabus week, often referred to as "Sylly Week" is quickly approaching, and us college students are ready for it. We could say that we're excited for classes to start up again, and to spend hundred's of dollars on books, but who are we kidding? We're excited for the sleep deprivation, boozing and nights we won't remember. It's the best week of the semester, so grab your friends and a case of natty and get ready for the sylly-ness! To help you prepare, here's sylly-week as told by the office:

Twas the night before syllabus week, when everyone thinks they can drink way more than they can handle before leaving the pregame

You walk into a party and see your crush that you had class with last semester

Then your roommate eggs you on, forcing you to do a keg-stand, and suddenly the entire party is chanting your name

And before you know it, you're being dragged out of the party for being a little too wild

Then it's Monday morning, and you have to roll out of bed and make it to your first class.

And you have to sit through a boring lecture and hear about all of the work you're going to have to complete this semester, while you have to do an "ice-breaker" activity.

But.... your professor in your next class lets out 30 minutes early!

And here you are getting ready to go out again
when you know you shouldn't.

to make matters worse, you order pizza on your way home from the party because you have ZERO self-control.

Then suddenly it's Thirsty Thursday, and well, you have no choice but to go out again.

And Friday morning comes, and you're trying to make it through your classes, but you realize it's the weekend!!

Now it's really party time because all of your best friends come over to pregame (which actually means your screaming all of your favorite songs as loud as you can while you jump around pretending you can dance).

It's almost time to leave, but you NEED to hit the rap verse in Fergalicious

But you check your Snapchat the next morning, and realized you've posted your ENTIRE night on your story.

And you've finally reached the end of sylly-week and wonder if the late nights were worth the damage you've done to your body.