Why Syllabus Day Scares All College Students
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Student Life

Why Syllabus Day Scares All College Students

"We've been waiting for you."

Why Syllabus Day Scares All College Students
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When it comes to syllabus day, it can go one or two ways. It can either go fantastic, or it can go "Why did I sign up for this class?". It went both ways for me on the first day of classes. The first day was a Tuesday so I had only two classes. My first class went amazingly. I loved the professor as soon as I met her, which is really rare as college professors are usually hit or miss. Her class will be difficult, but I think her sense of humor and overall demeanor will make the class a lot more bearable than with another teacher.

My second class of the day came after lunch, so I was already ready for a nap. I walked into the class, and was ready for it to be over with. Now, I'm typically a pretty eager learner but there was something telling me that something wasn't right when I walked in. As soon as I walked in, two girls turned and looked at me and said, "Hello. We've been waiting." I turned back and said hello and sat down. To be honest, I was quite terrified when this happened as it slightly reminded me of The Shining. So, I sat at my desk, refusing to make eye contact with that entire side of the classroom.

Here are my thoughts as this class droned on:

Why am I in here?

Out of all of the sections of this class, I picked the creepiest one.

Do I dare look over there?

Oh no, I almost made eye contact.

Where's the professor? I need a saving grace!

Then, the professor walks in. The classroom is dead silent. You could hear a pen drop. As I sat there waiting for the class to begin and for us to go over the syllabus, it feels like someone is staring at me. I sit there, trying to not give into the will to look. I look over at the girls, and they turn their heads quickly to the professor. So, naturally I turn my head too.

Nothing happened after that for the rest of the class. The only other terrifying event was that the professor gave a lecture on Syllabus Day. *sigh* And it was after I walked out of the classroom that I pulled out my phone and dropped the class and picked up another section. Hopefully a less creepy section.

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