Noh Sun Ki Is The Best  '1st Shop Of Coffee Prince' Character
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5 Reasons Noh Sun Ki Is The Best Character From 'The 1st Shop Of Coffee Prince'

He is willing to take care of the child that is not his.

Noh Sun Ki

The Korean drama, "The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince" has always stuck with me for a long time because it's the first romantic comedy Korean drama that I have ever watched with my family. This drama depicts a girl named Go Eun-Chan (portrayed by Yoon Eun-hye), who disguises herself as a boy, and works in the 1st Shop of Coffee Prince in order to support her family. While working, she befriends the boys at the shop, Hwang Min-yeop (portrayed by Lee Eon), Jin Ha-rim (portrayed by Kim Dong-wook), and Noh Sun Ki (portrayed by Kim Jae Wook). Meanwhile, she starts to falls in love with the boss of the shop, Choi Han-kyul (portrayed by Gong Yoo).

Out of the whole cast, the one who stands out to be my favorite character is, Noh Sun Ki. Check out these five reasons why:

1. He makes delicious looking waffles

Recalling back from the first time that I have watched this drama, when the drama has first introduced Noh Sun Ki, he is surrounded by girls while selling his waffles. From the first glance, I can see that the waffles look so good and delicious. From that day forward, I enjoy eating waffles more than before, especially my favorite is chocolate chip waffles with a dip of syrup on some whipped cream.

2. He's tough but a softie on the inside

From first sight, his looks are a charm and an eye-catch to look at. However, he also seems quiet, and scary but actually, when one gets to know him throughout the drama, he is very nice. He gets along with the other boys at the coffee shop later on, especially when he participates with group activities such as dancing, talking, and playing music with the group to promote their shop. One instance, when he is supposedly working to collect apples, one can see that he is trying to make a happy face on the apple. Even when Go Eun-Chan comes back from studying to be barista overseas, he embraces her without hesitance. Sometimes you can see him reading a book which shows that he has a hobby to read, too.

3. He empowers women

One of my favorite things about a boy is when he empowers women. After Noh Sun Ki finds out about Go Eun-Chan being a girl from Hwang Min-yeop, he understands Go Eun-Chan's situation and reassures Go Eun-Chan that he will not tell the boss. One time, when Go Eun-Chan is not in the coffee shop, all the boys and even Noh Sun Ki subtly tells the boss that they want Go Eun-Chan back. Noh Sun-Ki, at this part, asks the boss when she is coming back so she can taste his waffles that he has made for the menu and see if they are good. In response, the boss says that he can taste them for him, which receives Noh Sun Ki's disfavor. Another instance, he is shown with Go Eun-Chan discussing about how to do something differently with the waffles in order to sell more. This shows that he regards a woman's opinions very highly. Towards the end, he also seems to be attracted with hardworking and strong women, because of the new employee who is a girl can handle carrying two garbage bags. This seems only to catch the attention of Noh Sun Ki, considering that he is able to get along with Go Eun-Chan easily.

4. He speaks both Japanese and Korean fluently

Not everyone can speak two languages fluently. I think that it is very unique and awesome about this character and the actor. Although he speaks mainly in Korean throughout the drama, it is still great to hear Noh Sun Ki speak Japanese when he makes funny remarks which Min-yeop does not understand him at all. It is also great when he bids Go Eun-Chan good luck in Japanese when she knows that she is going to study overseas as a barista soon. In addition, when he is upset that the new female employee is tampering with his tools in the kitchen, he then is able to get along with her after she speaks with him in Japanese. Happily that he can talk with someone in Japanese, he is seen helping her at the end of the episode.

5. He's a companion that I would like to have

He is a great friend to have. He always give out good advice whenever they need help such as Go Eun-Chan about her feelings for the boss. He also helps Min-yeop on trying to get his Go Eun-Chan's sister to get back together with him. Moreover, when Ha-rim is still angry at Go Eun-Chan about her true gender, Noh Sun-Ki comes in and steps up to defend Go Eun-Chan. Besides a friend, he also seems to genuinely love a girl despite what she has gone through. In the drama, he also looks for that girl because he has heard that she and her child fled here. He is willing to take care of the child that is not his. He tries hard to buy gifts for the child and talk to the child. However, at the end, the girl and child supposedly leaves again which shocks Noh Sun Ki, who is heartbroken that his love is not reciprocated. His devotion and love astonish and touches my heart. His character is definitely someone that I will like for a companion and maybe someone I can drink coffee with.

For those who haven't watch "The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince," please consider watching it! The drama is very enjoyable to watch because of its great cast.

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