Please excuse the horrible attempt of writing a parody lyric of "...Ready For It?"

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my experiences with being a user of the popular new app created by one of my queens, Taylor Swift. The app is called "The Swift Life," and it is pretty complicated. I don't think that I explained it that well to those who were unfamiliar with the app, and I am guessing that the article did not attract any new users.

So, I have decided to write another article about The Swift Life, that will, hopefully, give you more information and make more of you Swifties decide to finally get on TSL once and for all.

But, seriously, why aren't all of you Swifties on TSL yet?

Here are seven experiences and feelings that Swifties who use TSL know all too well.

See what I did there?

1. The unrequited frustration that comes from missing out on a gift.

This is especially frustrating during an event because that's the fastest way to collect the required Taymoji needed to earn those cool prizes. Filling up packs takes too long. And you somehow get angry at the poster for not having a bigger gift, even though you know it's not their fault. I need to stop feeling like this.

2. The sadness that comes when the Taymoji pack that used to only require liking four posts and leaving two Taymojis to fill up, no longer has that requirement.

Enjoy those new Taymoji packs that come with a new level while you can, because soon they will take forever to complete.

3. The anger when your new goal is to just casually leave one of your RARE Taymojis on a post, like it's one of those pizzas, magnifying glass, or koala Taymojis.

Do you just bite the bullet and get a star that leads to you eventually leveling up? Do you swap the goal for a shit ton of picks? Do you earn a bunch of Taymoji packs until you get a backup rare? Or do you just ignore the goal? Most of the time I pick the last one. Also, those goals to get a ton of followers and earn all the Taymojis in a pack are pretty infuriating.

4. The confusion that comes from looking for Meredith and/or Olivia when you get an alert to find them, and they will give you Taymojis, but the alert doesn't tell you where they are and you only have an hour to find them.

Sometimes they show up on my account, sometimes they're on my feed, sometimes they're on Taylor's feed, sometimes they're on the Swiftsend feed. However, they're never on someone else's account.

5. The pleasant surprise that comes from learning that there's a new event.

When there was a new "Mystery Event" where you collected magnifying glass Taymoji to earn prizes, TSL users were pleasantly surprised. I had so much fun collecting picks, new Taymojis, and gifts to leave on posts. This took all of us by surprise, and we all had fun.

6. The confusion that comes from figuring out what Taymoji to leave on someone's post, and the overthinking that happens after you leave a Taymoji on a post.

Maybe this is just me, but I am caught up in the struggle of wanting to get rid of Taymojis that I have a ton of, and trying to leave Taymojis that correspond to the post.

7. The genuine happiness and support you feel when you see a TSL user noticed by Taylor and/or the app, or someone posting tour pictures/sharing their stories.

TSL is a community. I've only been on it for a couple months, and I've had some very nice interactions with my fellow Swifties. It's been such a supportive environment, and everyone tries to get along and squash any small discretion on the app. I can honestly say that the Swifties are the most supportive fandom that I am in, and we welcome anyone who wants to join.