One person’s cast-off top is another person’s treasure. Instead of shopping for new clothes and spending more money, trade your unwanted items for gently-used clothing at a clothing swap. You can help an article of clothing extend its lifecycle, and do some good to the environment. (Not to mention, your wallet.)

Here's how a clothing swap works:

First, your invitees are asked to bring clean clothing they no longer want, in exchange for something "new" to their wardrobe from someone else. Try to limit the number each person brings to around 10 items.

In return for each item brought, they will receive a ticket to claim a “new piece."

Once the swap is over, you can donate unclaimed pieces to local charities. That way, the clothing is still being recycled and being put to good use. All local charities and communities need our help. So, what better way then clothing donations?

In order to draw more people into the idea of a clothing swap, try to plan it when you know most of them will already be shopping for new clothing, like early Fall or Spring. To help keep order to the madness, try to plan at least three weeks ahead. Send out invitations or make a Facebook event for convenience.

You go shopping with your friends, so you might as well swap with them too. Tell your friends to invite their friends, so you can get fresh pieces in the mix. This is a great opportunity for you and your friends to meet new people and their wardrobe.

All in all, the objective of the clothing swap is to help you get rid of clothing you no longer want and score some new pieces. Plus, there's the bonus of giving back to those in need and to the environment. It is easier to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle than you might think. So save money, score cool, "new" clothing, and feel good about your steps toward living green.