10 Tips For Surviving Winter In The North If You Hate The Season

10 Tips For Surviving Winter In The North If You Hate The Season

Because personally, winter is my least favorite season.


I hope these 10 ideas help you not hate the winter as much, I know I will definitely be using them.

1. Spend time with friends and family

This is one of the most helpful ways, at least for me, to get through the brutal northeast winter. If you spend time with people you love it'll not only make the season seem like it goes by faster but it will also make you enjoy it more.

2. Decorate accordingly

The holiday season is here so in order to get yourself in the right spirits, decorate! There's something about how decorations make you feel that could totally turn your day or week around.

3. Plan activities

Grab dinner with some friends, plan a movie night, go shopping, etc. The opportunities are endless and you could have a ton of fun with some great people.

4. When on break...call your college friends

I know I will be doing this often, sometimes you just need to talk to your people that are always there when away at school.

5. Read

I used to never read but lately, I have loved just getting cozy in bed and opening a book. It doesn't even have to be a ton of text, look through a picture or art book. Make some tea or hot cocoa and get comfy and just read.

6. Go for a drive

This is one of my favorite things to do. Grab some friends, put on some good music, and drive. You don't even have to end up going somewhere, and if it's still Christmastime you can find some houses decorated super cute!

7. Catch up on sleep

Sometimes sleep will heal all. If you are feeling super tired take a nap, your body will thank you.

8. Find new music

It's always nice to add some new music to your daily playlist. Go on Spotify or Apple Music and find some new songs to listen to.

9. Find a new coffee shop near you

Coffee shops or little cafes are always great to try out and get some work done in. Explore around your hometown you may be surprised at what you find.

10. When all else fails, just have a spa night

Put on a face mask, make a cozy drink, get into some pajamas or a bath robe and relax the night away.

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15 Items You Can Use As A Makeshift Sled For The Snow Day That Is Too Winter-Wonderland To Stay Inside

Sledding on a college budget has never been easier.

Overtime I see someone sledding on the hill on campus it is never actually on a sled. On a college budget it is hard to find extra cash to blow on a sled that will essentially take up room you don't have in you dorm. So here, inspired by what I have seen used before, is a lost of alternatives to buying a sled when you want to go sledding.

1. A plastic bin lid

We all have at least one of these overflowing with random stuff.

2. A housing cart

You probably know someone who stole one at the beginning of the year.

3. A cafeteria tray

Target is literally selling these as real sleds.

4. Trash can lid

Compared to some of the other garbage you could use, this one might be the best.

5. Cardboard

Finally a use for all of the Amazon boxes sitting in your closet.

6. Tupperware

You need like the King Kong of Tupperware to make this work, but I feel like it could happen.

7. Kiddie pool

Repurpose it later on to have a backyard beach party.

8. Folding table

And after you finish sledding set it up with some hot cocoa.

9. An old tire

Who needs to sled when you can roll.

10. A textbook

Probably the most use you'll get out of it.

11. A pizza box

A good excuse to get pizza for lunch!

12. A mattress

It might get a little wet, but hey that's okay.

13. A trash can

Not sure how well this will work but if someone has the lid might as well try the rest of it.

14. A pool float

Probably the best option on this list (and the best for pics).

15. A door

Loosen a few screws and its ready to go.

So maybe some of these ideas might not really work, but hey it's worth a shot. Enjoy your next snow day and if you don't want to drop some case on a sled enjoy these ideas!

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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No, I Would Not Like To 'Snage'

A day party in the snow is the least appealing thing that I could think to do on a snow day.


It's every college students favorite phrase: snow day. There will not be a day where students would protest getting a day off to just relax. However, most college students use their snow days to do other things such as snage.

Snage is a combination of the words snow and dage. A dage is a party during the day for college students. Honestly, college kids will give any excuse to party.

For me, the logic is flawed a bit. Dages in general just isn't appealing, but going out in the middle of the afternoon in the snow is what I would least like to do on my day off. If I get a day off from school, I'm going to be using it to catch up on sleep and my Netflix shows.

For a majority of college students, we use snow days for something constructive or relaxing. Snaging is not on my list of things that I would like to do. It's definitely not on my bucket list of things to accomplish before college is over.

Nobody actually wants to stand outside in the snow with hundreds of other college kids drinking. It's just something that is made normal in college. Nobody really questions it.

It's part of the college culture. If there's anything to celebrate such as a snow day from school, college students will be there to party about it. It's one of the most unique parts about college.

After this chapter in our lives is over, we can never again to have an excuse to party in the snow in the middle of the week. I guess savor it while you can because it is truly special.

Before college, I wouldn't have even thought that people would willingly go out in a snowstorm. Like any sane person, I was thinking that a snowstorm would keep people in bed all day while watching TV. It just goes to show that college will party anytime they can.

If you need me, I'll be laying in bed finishing up my season of Grey's Anatomy. Not standing out in the cold with my fellow students day drinking with piles of snow around me.

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