Tips For Surviving Winter In The Northeast If You HATE The Cold

10 Tips For Surviving Winter In The North If You Hate The Season

Because personally, winter is my least favorite season.


I hope these 10 ideas help you not hate the winter as much, I know I will definitely be using them.

1. Spend time with friends and family

This is one of the most helpful ways, at least for me, to get through the brutal northeast winter. If you spend time with people you love it'll not only make the season seem like it goes by faster but it will also make you enjoy it more.

2. Decorate accordingly

The holiday season is here so in order to get yourself in the right spirits, decorate! There's something about how decorations make you feel that could totally turn your day or week around.

3. Plan activities

Grab dinner with some friends, plan a movie night, go shopping, etc. The opportunities are endless and you could have a ton of fun with some great people.

4. When on your college friends

I know I will be doing this often, sometimes you just need to talk to your people that are always there when away at school.

5. Read

I used to never read but lately, I have loved just getting cozy in bed and opening a book. It doesn't even have to be a ton of text, look through a picture or art book. Make some tea or hot cocoa and get comfy and just read.

6. Go for a drive

This is one of my favorite things to do. Grab some friends, put on some good music, and drive. You don't even have to end up going somewhere, and if it's still Christmastime you can find some houses decorated super cute!

7. Catch up on sleep

Sometimes sleep will heal all. If you are feeling super tired take a nap, your body will thank you.

8. Find new music

It's always nice to add some new music to your daily playlist. Go on Spotify or Apple Music and find some new songs to listen to.

9. Find a new coffee shop near you

Coffee shops or little cafes are always great to try out and get some work done in. Explore around your hometown you may be surprised at what you find.

10. When all else fails, just have a spa night

Put on a face mask, make a cozy drink, get into some pajamas or a bath robe and relax the night away.

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I Moved From California To Chicago And I Was In For A Rude, Cold Awakening Come Winter

What is this white stuff falling from the sky?

Chicago Winters are rough, even for the local Chicagoan who's lived here for years. It's even tougher for someone, like me, who comes from Southern California, where the sun is constantly there, the wind is a nice breeze or often nonexistent and the temperature never ever drops below 50 degrees. It has been quite the adjustment. People from Chicagoland or from cold winter states or cities unless, they are also from California, have a hard time understanding what we go through physically and mentally.

Take for example, when I landed here. When I left the LAX airport, the temperature high was an average of about 70-75 degrees and a low of about 60 degrees. When I landed 4 hours later at O'Hare Airport, it was about negative 18 degrees Fahrenheit. I couldn't believe it. There were ice on cars and essentially everywhere else outside. Actual icicles hung from the bodies of cars and mind you, I saw snow once for the first time last December before my winter break. The wind was frigid and piercing.

The next few days in Chicago were extremely freezing with subzero temperatures and my body struggled to get used to it. The first week back from beautiful, sunny California and my body couldn't take the Chicago winter. I ended up extremely sick with some type of cold spell that made me feel like I was freezing in my bed wearing five layers including a thick jacket. A days worth of sleep helped me recover, but I imagine other people coming from warmer states may have experienced a similar type of sickness.

This along with the lack of my main source of Vitamin D here has made me homesick more than ever. I miss the warm sun, the sea-salt breeze, emphasis on the salt and the warm temperatures. The temperatures may rise in Chicago (that means in the 30's and 40's in Fahrenheit for all my warm state readers), but without the sun, most of the time, and even if the sun does come out, the sun disappears after a few hours under all the gray clouds. It gets quite saddening very quickly.

But I did ask for this change and I thought I was prepared for it when I chose to come here. California has wonderful weather, but for me, I found no exciting changes or a place for personal growth personally. That's why I'm enduring and doing my best to get through my body's fluctuations, my homesickness and the teasing about being Californian.

I can't speak for all the Californians who move to winter locations in the States or Internationally, for that matter, but don't make fun of the Californians who are new to the realities of the winter season in the cold areas of America, cause they do have it rough. Our bodies exist in an awkward liminal state of hating the cold and wanting to love the cold. We're trying and this is our attempt.

Cover Image Credit: @chicago

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I Absolutely Hate Saying Goodbye To Cold Weather

Will a few more months of winter really be that bad?


On Sunny days I dream of cold and on cold days I dream of cooler. It's funny because I'm not like your typical southern gal. Born and raised In Columbia, SC, but I feel like deep down I have always been a northerner at heart. I just love cold weather.

Fall is my favorite season of course. I mean, honestly, what can you not love about fall! There are the leave changes, crisp cool weather and the ever anticipated fall fashion haul. I get excited just thinking about it. Now, most of my family is from up north, was born in the north or practically believes the north to be their second home. And then there's me. The girl who absolutely adores cool weather but has yet to travel up North. Weird right?

As I say my final goodbyes to the last weeks hopefully of winter. I think to the memories where my children with effervescent spirits may one day be able to experience a white Christmas, slope the great white slopes, sit and drink mocha by the crackling sounds of holiday fires and warm fuzzy sweaters.

As I speak with my northern counterparts they would disagree. In most cases, they would advise me that wanting to move up North would be one of the worst things ever! They remind me of the constant snow plowing that they have to sort through, the rundown metro stations and the lack of consideration towards all of these things. A constant reminder that unlike down south where we experience one pinch of snow, we go through what seems like a full government shutdown.

This I may miss, but weighing out all of my options and exhausting all needs.. I will still not want to say goodbye to cold weather.

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