1. Choose classes you think you might want to take, if you have that option. Pick a class that you might be interested in.Maybe it is something you know you love like art or music, or maybe it is something you have never tried before like French or Spanish. Freshman year is all about figuring out what you might want to do for the next four years of school. You might not figure out what it is you like for another year or two and that's totally fine too.

2. Get your homework done. Try to get your homework done on time so then you have time after school to do other things. If you start off High School with good grades, it puts you on a good path for the rest of High School. There is no point in stressing out of homework, set aside enough time for you to get it done. You could even invite some friends over to work on it together, that way it can still be fun and you are getting it done on time.

3. Join a club or sports team. Weather it is playing basketball or soccer or joining a chess team, there is always something you can find that you will end up loving. Maybe you have never played sports before but thought about maybe giving it a try. Go for it! You could end up loving the sport or not liking it so much, at least you gave it a try and then you don't have to do it again next year. By joining a sports team or a club, that is another way of putting yourself out there and making some new friends.

4. Figure out who your friends are. It may not be as simple as it sounds. Everything seems so simple until High School. Now all of a sudden some of the people you have been friends with don't talk to you anymore or hate you for some reason. They are just trying to figure themselves out just like you and may not know exactly how to do it. This is the time to branch out and make new friends. Talk to people you might not have talked to before. Once you get a solid group of friends, High School will be much easier.

5. Do whatever makes you happy. Although getting your homework done on time, doing good in school and friends all seem very important, taking care of yourself is the most important thing. Make sure you are leaving yourself time in the day to just take a few minutes and relax. Don't stress out about anything, if you fall behind in homework there will always be someone around to help you get back on track. High School is a very important thing but then again you only have one life, life it how you want to.