11 Ways To Make A Boring Lecture Less Boring And Awful

Listening to an old white guy, no matter how sweet he may be, ramble about topics I don't really care about isn't exactly my idea of a grand ole time.

Unfortunately, I do have to go to class or my grade will suffer simply due to the cursed attendance sheet.

But then I got an idea. An awful idea. I had a wonderful, awful idea: I should spend all my money on snacks. Snacks make everything better, even boring lectures.

It got me thinking, what else can I do to make this time block better?

1. Snacks.

Being hangry during class is asking for a freaking meltdown no child in their terrible twos could even compete with. But for the love of all good things, nothing odorous or crunchy.

2. Coffee.

I am a true caffeine addict and I am not afraid to say it. Perks me right up and makes me happy. It can do the same for you.

3. Long bathroom breaks.

This might be tied in with coffee consumption if you're not careful. In long classes, it's nice to take your sweet time walking to the bathroom. It's refreshing, really.

4. Work on other homework.

This sounds terrible but hear me out. At least this way it doesn't feel like a total waste of time.

5. More snacks.

Keeps ya fat and happy.

6. Listen to music with only one earphone.

I get it. Some people have a hard time focusing without music. If this would make your class easier, go for it.

7. Silently judge everyone's commentary.

Whoa, hold your judgment back for a second, Nancy. You have to really pay attention to what everyone is saying in order to fairly judge them. So really, you are doing yourself a favor by tuning in.

8. Make a buddy.

Do not talk to the buddy. That would be incredibly rude and annoying. Go home if you are going to distract others! However, sitting next to said buddy brings comfort that you are not in this alone.

9. Watch Netflix with subtitles on.

This one seems a little ridiculous to me. Like, at this point just go home, bro. But, if you must...

10. Did I mention snacks?

Food makes everything better and this is why America is obese.

11. Let your mind wander.

Sometimes the most entertaining moments in life are when we are deep in thought about really stupid, unnecessary information.

Honestly, that is all I got. Just remember: When in doubt — snacks.

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