Why are we, as a generation and a society, lacking support of one another these days? Why is it so hard to be happy and support one another? As I read through Facebook News Feed, Tweets, Insta pics, and even Snapchat, I realize we have failed immensely as a generation. We downgrade each other too often.

Bullying has become a spectacle of social media, and even more so, people are mean with tweets and comments about mental health and fitness. We are the future. Do we really want our kids and grandkids to be in such a hostile environment?

If I get up in the morning, work out, do some yoga, and even order a white girl coffee in the morning, it's for my own being, not yours and not anyone else's. Anything we post and are proud of and anything we believe in (even if we disagree with those beliefs). We have got to stop bringing others down and judging them for posting pictures of their bodies or what they eat.

Everyone is different in their own unique way, and we all express ourselves in different ways. Brutal comments, quick judgements, and insecurities are often ways we lack the support of one another, which has got to stop.

It's sad that our generation has let it go this far. If we could support one another, I think we wouldn't question change—whether it's coloring our hair, working out, or eating healthy. It's not the fact that we care what other people think; it's what they say that could destroy someone. Remember that next time you are too quick to judge someone.

This situation popped into my head after one of my friends got dissed on Twitter for doing yoga and changing her food plan. That shouldn't happen. We should support that or even be inspired by it—like, look at what she can do, she's great—instead of dissing it. I'm disappointed that this is even an issue in our generation and I wish things would change.