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Student Life


Fantasies about being a fantastic, fearsome force.

Dreams Time

I don't remember how old I was, probably somewhere between 9 and 13, when I had frequent fantasies about having the power to slow down time. I remember what is was that actually birthed that fantasy, and I still don't know why it inspired me so; imagine you just turned on a Playstation 2 without putting a game in. When the prompts show up for you to configure the system or to look at the memory card, there was a "confirmation sound" that the system made. That sound... that was it. Somehow it became a catalyst for very satisfying daydreams that I indulged in on quite a few occasions.

I envisioned activating this ability by squeezing my eyelids shut and popping them open. In the instance my eyes reopened, that PS2 sound would sound off in my head, and the world around me suddenly had this blue tint to it (and, obviously, everything moved much slower.) In this state, I could move freely at my typical pace while everyone and everything else moved at a speed that a snail would scoff at.

Basically I would fantasize about situations in which I would either have to utilize that power, or simply felt like enjoying myself with it. There were a few different scenarios that I envisioned the need to do so, but there are two in particular that I still starkly remember. One scenario was birthed by a desire of mine to see a ray of light travel from a window that has been uncovered to the floor. My imagination allowed me to watch a single stream of light as it sprints towards the floor, only now it looks more like a Storm Trooper's blaster shot (likely on its way past its target) slowly inching through space.

The other scenario played more to my childish desire to be a peacekeeper of sorts, as I would activate this power to deal with troublesome, sometimes dangerous, people. I would be a hair away from being struck by some dangerous agent when I would initiate my power, then casually weave through my assailants and disable them in any way I wished. It was obviously empowering and quite an effective, if not simple, way for me to address my frustration with people.

Thinking about all the times I was asked what power I would want to have, I often came to the conclusion that I would want to fly, something akin to what Dragon Ball Z characters are capable of (known as bukujutsu, the art of flying through use of ki.) In another instance, while watching an anime by the name of Konosuba, the main character is offered any ability that he wants in exchange for being resurrected in a dangerous world. I did my best to think of an ability that would be useful in any situation. I figured that I would ask for the ability to turn my body into plasma, so that I would have powerful offensive and defensive abilities.

It would truly be heaven to decide what power you wish, but of course, the idea of having to use said power in constructive and positive ways keeps me somewhat humble where addressing reality is concerned. I know I would love the ability to fly to any location at any time or slow down time to a near standstill, but no matter what, I know I would feel this pull to do more with it. Spider-Man and that damn uncle of his ruined any selfish fun I might have had with an overwhelming ability.

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