Super Mario Odyssey is huge. Whereas previous 3D Mario games had only 120 main stars in them, Odyssey has 999 moons to collect. If you’re still cleaning up on the last few or even if you’re just starting out, these tips might come in handy:

Feel The Rumble

Pay attention to the rumble feature. In most games it’s just there as a flavor thing, but in Odyssey it often means that there’s something hidden below you and that ground pounding can net you some bonus coins or even a moon.

Look For Shines

If something is glowing in Odyssey, then chances are it has a moon in it. If it’s on the ground then ground pound it, but if it’s on something else then you’re probably going to want to throw Cappy at it and hold down the throw button until a moon pops out. No matter where it is though, don’t ignore a shining object because it always means that something good is hidden.

Double Check

Some mission givers have bonus moons to get after their initial moon is given out. If the mission is marked with a trophy on your map, then it probably has a second, more difficult moon to win from it. Sometimes this only appears later on, but it will usually show up eventually so keep checking back with the person who gave the original moon out to see if something new is available.

Also, keep in mind that upon re-entering bonus areas, Cappy will let you know if there’s anything else left to find in them, whether it be moons or purple coins. This is extremely helpful, so pay attention. Most bonus areas have two moons, and a few have more.

Swallow Your Pride

There’s nothing wrong with asking the Hint Toad or the Talkatoo for help finding hidden moons. The Hint Toad shows you where the moons are, and the Talkatoo tells you their titles which can help in figuring out what to do to get them. The Hint Toad costs 50 coins per hint, but other than that there’s no setback at all for using either of them and they’re pretty much mandatory for some of the trickier moons in the game.


When in doubt, try it out. There’s absolutely no punishment at all for looking around, and in fact, the game’s design encourages it. Toss Cappy at everything, talk to everyone, ground pound everywhere, and use the binoculars in each world to scope out the place. The more you explore the more chances you’ll have of finding moons and purple coins too, so get to it!