The Super Bowl: A Viewpoint Of The Game From Someone Who Couldn't Care Less
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The Super Bowl: A Viewpoint Of The Game From Someone Who Couldn't Care Less

Come Find Me When The Tony Awards Are On, Then I'll Know What I'm Talking About

The Super Bowl: A Viewpoint Of The Game From Someone Who Couldn't Care Less

Well apparently this game has been going on for 50 years. A fact I learned maybe four days ago in one of my classes. While this maybe an event most American's look forward to, the point of this article is to explain how Super Bowl Sunday feels like to someone who could honestly not care less about Football or the hype over this game.

Who's Playing?

I am currently watching the game and I still don't think I could tell you who is playing. What I have gathered is one team is wearing white, orange and navy and the other has on black and teal. Couldn't tell you either teams star player but currently the score is 10-0 so I guess that's exciting for the orange team's fans.

How Did These Teams Get Chosen?

If I don't care about the Super Bowl, you can imagine I'm as apathetic about football season in general. I once told someone that I hoped their team made a touchdown soon because I didn't know how else to react to them talking about their team losing. So my question is how do the teams get to the Super Bowl? What if one team has the same record as another one? Who gets to go then?

Why Are the Commercials So Expensive?

I understand that with the greater portion of the country all watching this right now, the Super Bowl becomes prime advertising time. But who in their right mind wants to shell out that kind of money for approximately 30 seconds of air time? In actuality people are going to remember about 5 ads by tomorrow morning and after a month or so goes by, that will probably fade to remembering bits and pieces of one.

Who Picks The Halftime Show?

Is there an audition process? Is the performer just asked? And who gets the final say? Now this is my favorite part of the Super Bowl because I love to see how they differ every year but...who gets the final say in the performer for halftime? If it's a singular person or a committee I kind of want that job one day.

"Multiple Players Have Noticeably Changed Cleats"

This was just spoken by the sports commentator about a minute ago. Is this honestly the type of thing people pay attention to? Who cares if they changed their cleats and how many times. Maybe they didn't like the way they looked with their uniform. Pay attention to the game, not their shoes.

Update: The score is 7-10 still in favor of the orange team.

Do Players Families Get Free Tickets?

Depending on the show, sometimes Broadway performers get comp seats to give away to friends or family. Does this work the same for the Super Bowl? I feel its only fair that they at least get one free ticket for someone. If this is the biggest game of their lives, I think they should know someone in the stands is rooting especially for them.

Update: 7-13 Orange

How Much Money Do People Lose On Bets?

I never understood betting on sports, or betting in general for that matter. However, since this is such a big game I wonder how competitive people get with their betting on their team. Also, if you're looking to throw away copious amounts of money on a bet, consider tossing it my way. I need to pay my college tuition.

How Much Do The Refs Get Paid?

I'm assuming its a big deal to be chosen as a referee for the Super Bowl so my question is what is the incentive to be one? I mean if you make one crappy call you're basically going to be the most hated person in America. So how much money do they give you to take the chance of being chased out of the stadium by an angry mob if you accidentally flag a team when it wasn't needed?

Well it's almost halftime so I guess I better wrap this article up so I can go watch the only part of this game I actually care about.

The score hasn't changed so I guess I'll root for the orange team and maybe I can have bragging rights that my team won.

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