Maroon 5 was not a flop and Tom Brady claimed more victory
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There are two sides to every opinion, two sides to every game, and two sides to every performance. Super Bowl LIII may be deemed to be boring and uneventful, which it was. However, Tom Brady did not seem to be playing with deflated footballs and Belichick catered to his numerous coaching records. A lot of history and experiences were made during Super Bowl LIII where about half a dozen performers turned down the offer for the half-time show such as seventh-best-selling music artist, Rhianna.

If you only watch football during the Super Bowl and only look forward to the commercials, one probably can't fathom what an incredible defensive game was played on both sides. Brady may have struggled with his passing during this title game but were the Rams just out-coached? The defensive coordination between both teams struck ancient football lovers. This begs the question, was Super Bowl LIII just boring for the wing eaters and the fake New England fans?

Controversy continues to implode the National Football League no matter what game or event is taking place. There are two sides to every opinion because of course, Rhianna fans despised the half-time show and the Super Bowl as a whole. She is such a highly respected music artist and her decision to not take the offer made sense, does it not? Stand up for what you believe in and that is what truly makes this specific Super Bowl so memorable.

But for Maroon 5 fans, we know that any music artist who can't handle a little controversy is probably in the wrong profession. The music industry is full of issues including the NFL, but Maroon 5 did not fail at making sure fans got their message, "one love". Maroon 5 grew with the times, making sure they stayed relevant in today's society since they have in fact been around since 1994, even earlier for the true fans. Maroon 5 promotes expression, unity, and equal love. Maybe if fans of the Super Bowl sought their message out, they would appreciate a more defensive game and raw half-time show. Travis Scott and Big Boi are a whole other story.

For any real Maroon 5 fan, if you have been to a concert that they put on, Adam Levine taking his shirt off is pure gold. You are reading an article from the girl who has a piece of his sweaty white tank top from a summer concert. People appreciate different sports, games, and music artists. Some people love Tom Brady, some people hate him, but you cannot deny he is an incredible quarterback who can knock you out with one punch wearing his 6 Super Bowl rings. He has been to 9 total Super Bowls and any sport fan will appreciate that. Most say, "you can't bet against Brady".

Instead of dragging Maroon 5 for a boring performance, some should respect that they partnered with their label to donate $500,000 to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. A boring Super Bowl is only mundane to watchers with a one-sided opinion.

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