All college students at one point or another have these thoughts when they're not prepared for an exam.

Eventually, we all have a test where we have to wing it and hope for the best. Throughout the semester, as things get busier and busier it gets harder and harder to be prepared for everything. We try to do our best, but sometimes it's not enough.

Here are 10 thoughts that I've had when I'm not ready for a test though, you'll probably agree with me.

1. I should definitely be studying right now

2. If I don't know the information now, I'm not gonna know it later

3. Why did my professor not tell us what to study for or post a study guide or something? GIVE US SOMETHING!

4.  That's it, I am going to fail this class

5. Procrastination is my middle name

6. Wow, I have slept for a total of four hours in the past three days

7. I thought people said college was fun, when does this get fun?

8. I think this is my sixth cup of coffee that I've had today

9. I hope that the professor curves this test

10. What do I need to make on this test to pass this class?