Summer Yard Sale Do's and Don'ts
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Summer Yard Sale Do's and Don'ts

Summer 2018 is for parting ways with your stuffed animals that were bought before you were born

Summer Yard Sale Do's and Don'ts

School’s out for the summer, and if that means you’re working 40+ hours a week and coming home to your garage full of junk- then it may be time to part ways with your teddy bear from your first birthday and have a yard/garage sale. In fact, that’s what I am doing right now, sitting in a garage having a sale to try and clean out a bit. However, this experience has proven that there are certain things you should and shouldn’t do when attempting to rid yourself of antiques, furniture, electronics, old toys, and clothing. If you follow these do’s and don’ts- there’s a good chance you will be profitable and finally be able to park your car in the garage for the first time in 15 years.


Start early!

Plan for at least 2 weeks ahead of time and don’t push it off until last minute. Organization and planning are key.

Price your items:

Make sure you use stickies or tags to price EVERY item that is for sale. Nobody wants to walk into a yard sale and ask how much things are, or be put on the spot and asked what they’re willing to pay for the item.


Whether it means posting signs at work, making a status on Facebook (or making a group), putting signs up in the neighborhood and at the entrance—make sure people KNOW exactly what time, what day, and where you will be holding your yard sale.

Clean and Wash

The last thing buyers want to see when they pull in your driveway and get out of the car, is dust and dirt all over clothing and items that have been stored in your attic for years. Wipe everything down with a wet washcloth/ wash clothing so people aren’t hesitant to pick up and move things or sift through piles.

Have plenty of cash on you at all times over the 4-6 hour period so buyers can pay with whatever cash they have and don’t have to wait for you to run and grab change.

Organize items into groups so they’re easier to find:

Movies, Toys, clothes, etc.


Sell anything you wouldn’t buy!

If there’s junk that you wouldn’t buy or that is a waste of your time to display, donate it or throw it away!

Display things with missing parts:

Nobody wants to get their hopes up about an item only to realize half of it is missing inside the box.

Leave your yard sale unattended

Even if you’re just stepping inside to use the bathroom, you just have someone else watching over your belongings

Let anyone sell your stuff without asking you!

Sell anything you’ll regret selling afterwards

Think this way: if this item went missing, is it something that you would realize was missing and be upset over?

Let buyers haggle if you’re not okay with it

No one should be arguing their way to buy your bike priced at $30 for $10 instead. Enough said.

DON'T get discouraged if you don’t get the turn out you want, and DO try again—as soon as the following week if you want!

Happy Yard Selling!

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