Why Summer Won't Be So Boring

Why Summer Won't Be So Boring

A short letter to the college student who thinks that going home for the summer will be boring.

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Many college students don't look forward to moving out and going back home for the summer. Whether it was your first year of college or your third, you still love living at school with your friends.

Even though people say that they don't want to go home for the summer, we all know that most of you actually do. I'm not exactly looking forward to going home, sorting through my bins, working at a retail store (which, admittedly, I sort of do enjoy...), or sitting on my bed contemplating what I can do to free me from my boredom. The thing is, though, I am looking forward to going home.

As I was imagining how my next few years will be, I realized that with college comes opportunities, and with opportunities comes being off and on your own- "adulting." This summer, I have an internship which takes up just about half of my summer vacation. Next summer, I am required to be at school for a summer cadaver lab and I will only be home for a few weeks. Between the two summers will be a few weeks at home here and there over breaks.

What happened to living at home?

Where is home- School? Hometown? Both?

I realize now that I will only be able to be home for bits and pieces for who knows how long. Being home is a gift. It is time to spend with family and friends. It is time to relax, recenter, and reorganize.

Here are a few things that I will be doing this summer to take advantage of being home.

1. Go through my college bins to decide what I can keep and what has to go. We can all admit that some things at school we never even touched.

2. Spend time with friends from high school, catching up on stories and making more memories while we can.

3. Spend time with family and helping around the house

4. Make money!

5. Go on vacation with family and friends

6. Spend time relaxing knowing that another semester is just around the corner.

Take time to enjoy the summer and enjoy home. I bet that one day you'll really miss it!

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