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There's 104 Days of Summer Vacation

Not Anymore...

There's 104 Days of Summer Vacation

Honestly, summers are very different when you're not in school anymore.

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Once you go through 9,10 months of school, you have the summers to look forward to because that's going to be your chance to sleep, catch up on all of the TV shows that you just didn't have the time to watch while you were in school and to eat all of te things that you now have the opportunity to gorge yourself on instead of just settling for Ramen every night. Now you can actually eat real food that your mom has cooked and you can finally stop making those late Taco Bell runs every night. Though now that I think about it, what's stopping you from continuing to do that?

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It's just not the same when you're out of school and graduated. What else do you have to look forward to? Getting up and going to work everyday because that's what you've been doing for the past 9 months anyway? You can't really catch up on your TV shows because you didn't have time for them last week and you probably won't have time for them this week either.

But, it's okay. You graduated for a reason. You got a job for a reason. And you're currently trying to catch up on New girl for a reason.

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It's not bad. It may seem like it, but it's not.

It's not bad, it's just very different. But, that's just the price that you're currently paying for since you've graduated and actually become an adult. This is currently the life that you're living.

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And that's okay.

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It's okay that you can't watch an entire season of 13 Reasons Why in one day. You'll catch up later and see what drama Clay is causing yet again.

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Things are different, and that's okay. And I feel like I'm just now starting to realize that.

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As a person that is not a fan of change and has never liked it, here's what we're dealing with.

And once again, it's okay and it's going to be okay!

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