10 summer trends you absolutely need to try in 2018
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10 Summer '18 Trends You must Have In Your Closet

Color is back baby!

10 Summer '18 Trends You must Have In Your Closet
Isabella Nowak

With June beginning and May coming to a close, we are getting closer and closer to summer. Summer is the best season for many reasons. During summer there is no school, everyone is traveling, it's my birthday season *cough cough,* and of course, there are new clothing trends! This summer, we are rolling over some spring 2018 trends as well as adding some new ones for the summer! Here are the top 10 wearable summer trends you need to try!

Click on the pictures to find links to all of the clothing pieces. I have an expensive option ($), moderately priced option ($), and cheaper option ($) for each trend!

1. Pastels

Whether it be light purple, blue, or pink, pastels are taking over the streets, and they should be taking over your closet as well. Say goodbye to your completely earth-toned wardrobe (difficult I know) and mix it up with some pastels!

$ (Top & bottom together $406)

$ (Pastel lilac romper $158)

$ (Dress $14.90)

2. Ugly sneakers

This trend is one that people love to hate. Learn to love this trend! Ugly sneakers are the new rage. I will admit, I definitely do not love ALL of the sneakers in this trend, but here are some that I would totally sport.

$ (Sneakers $895)

$ (Sneakers $114)

$ (Sneakers $35)

3. Belt bags & fanny packs

If you have been to any outdoor event lately, like a music festival, darty, or tailgate, belt bags and fanny packs were probably everywhere. Not only are the newly trending accessories cute but they are also practical.

$ (Belt bag $1,100)

$ (Fanny pack $299)

$ (Belt bag $49)

4. Gingham, checked, & plaid

I have been absolutely loving the gingham trend that began this past winter. This trend is here to stay. Gingham, checked prints, and plaids are still all the rage. Be sure to include pieces like these into your wardrobe this upcoming season!

$ (Check trench coat $2,390)

$ (Gingham romper $148)

$ (Plaid bodycon dress $29 on sale)

5. Clear stuff

Clear clothing and accessories have been all over the runway recently for a reason. You can pair any look with a clear trench coat, clear purse, or another clear accessory to add just a little something to your outfit!

$ (Clear trench coat $125)

$ (Heels $70)

$ (Clear visor $7.98)

6. Tiny sunglasses

As a large sunglasses lover, this trend has been hard for me to accept. However, tiny sunglasses are the perfect way to bring any outfit from bland to boujee. Take it from Kanye West himself, who told his wife Kim Kardashian West to put away her large sunglasses for the next couple of seasons and bring out the tiny ones that are all the rage. Wear this accessory at the tip of your nose for the perfect look.

$ (Sunglasses $190)

$ (Sunglasses $48)

$ (Sunglasses $13.99)

7. Bright & bold colors

Bold colors like yellow have been all over Instagram and on the runway. Everyone is loving bright and bold colors this season, and I am, too! Other colors like yellow that are definitely in this upcoming summer are pink and blue. It's summertime, everyone; we are bringing out the color!

$ (Yellow blazer $148)

$ (Red puff sleeve dress $49.90)

$ (Purple heels $24.99)

8. Fringing

Don't let the horrors of middle school knee-high brown fringe boots and brown fringe vests scare you from trying this trend. Fringe can be tacky, but it can also be tasteful. Here are some examples of how you can incorporate this trend into your wardrobe this upcoming summer.

$ (Mini dress $219)

$ (Crop top $88)

$ (Tassel earrings $4.90)

9. Bold patterns

Similar to bold colors, bold patterns are back in almost every form! Bring out your stripes, polka dots, and florals. This summer trend is a fun one!

$ (Wrap dress $128)

$ (Two piece set $63)

$ (Crop top $38)

10. Loud logos

All of us have watched loud logos become extremely popular in the past year. Loud logos have officially swept the nation. Over time, we went from wearing shirts that say Abercrombie & Fitch to wearing shirts that say Adidas. Here are some of my favorite loud logo pieces!

$ (T-shirt $590)

$ (Soccer shirt $158)

$ (Cropped long sleeve $40)

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