It's been harder and harder to go to class these days, and it's all thanks to the beautiful summer-like weather that's blessing the entire month of April. With good weather comes new summer fashion trends that will soon be all over Instagram. Old favorites and new silhouettes are taking the world by storm; here are just a few that I've been loving.

1. Earthy Reds and Beautiful Browns

Terra-cotta, brick red, and other beautiful warm tones dominated the runway this season. All the big brands, like Balenciaga, Valentino and Versace featured garments in the family of these tones. What were once a strictly autumn and winter shades, these bold colors are here to make an impact this season. It adds a nostalgic and antique angle to the usual summery dresses and accessories.

2. Bicycle Shorts

Oh, bicycle shorts. Once something worn strictly by athletes, they are now a hot item for brands from Forever21 to Chanel. Kim Kardashian, among other huge celebs, has been photographed wearing these kinds of bottoms. They're form-fitting, often shiny, and best paired with big sweatshirts and chunky shoes. Would you wear these out in public?

3. Combat Ready Wear

This kind of style made its debut with high-waisted cargo pants and more famously, Off-White's long belt. For summer, this utility-inspired trend walked down the runway along with cropped tan tanks and strapped backpacks. It's a look Kim Possible would be proud of, and it seems that a lot of people across the globe are already adding pieces of this trend to their wardrobe.

4. Chunky Shoes

We're all familiar with Balenciaga's Triple S sneakers; they made headlines for months because of their nod to the 'dad shoe' and for their hefty price tag. But this summer, more affordable alternatives are all the rage. Brands like Fila and Reebok have amazingly chunky shoes for less than $70 a pair. They give a particular silhouette that nods back to the 90s. It's a part of my wardrobe people love to hate, but they go perfect with shorts and oversized tops.

5. Tie-Dye

The 60s are back with bright and colorful tie-dye dresses, tops and pants. The wide-legged pant has been back in style for a while and paired with a good tie-dyed crop top, you'll be at the edge of fashion this season. The best part about this trend is you can create your own pieces at home; with a little bit of water, dye from Joann Fabrics and about 24 hours, you'll have the cutest in-trend tops for summer.