6 Summer Skin Care Tips For Living Your Best Life
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6 Summer Skin Care Tips For Living Your Best Life

We are just weeks away now from getting ready for another summer, and I've got some tips for helping your skin look it's best!

6 Summer Skin Care Tips For Living Your Best Life

It's getting to the end of the semester, which means summer is just around the corner. The last thing you want to kick off the break is a face you aren't feeling 100% about. Things like stress and diet are highly influential in how your skin appears, so I've put together some tips that have worked best for me when I start to get a breakout or problem spots. I have normal-oily skin and I'm in my early 20s, so take these tips with a grain of salt as everyone's skin is unique in their own way!

1. Water, water, WATER!

Drinking water is the literal key to seeing results in your skin!! If you are still young and noticing wrinkles and bags under your eyes even when your well-rested, guess what? Drink more water. Even if you don't see any issues with your skin, drink more water! How much water should you drink?

Take your weight, divide it by 2. That's how many ounces you should have water in a day. Does it seem undoable? It's really not. Get yourself a big 20-30 ounce water bottle and have it by your side night and day.

Choose water. Drink water. Love water.

2. Do your research

You don't have to buy the super expensive products to have great skin care. Do research on what ingredients do what and determine what would be best for your situation. Become familiar with the common ingredients and what different vitamins do for your skin.

Once you've got an idea of what ingredients you should be looking for in a product, take yourself to TJ Maxx or Marshalls and hit up their skin care section. They have a huge variety of amazing products, and if you don't know the brand READ the ingredients!!

I've bought a majority of my skincare products at these stores and I feel better knowing what I'm buying because I know what the ingredients are and being able to build my regime at an affordable price.

3. Start a weekly routine

I say weekly because our skin is finicky. We can't have a daily routine because our skin's needs vary from day today. If you do have a daily routine that works for you then great. For those who don't, it helps to have a few different products that target different needs.

MY ROUTINE (remember everyone is different, what works for me might not for you):

I use Clean & Clear products because that works for me. When I wake up I use Morning Burst and wash a second time with their Zesty Lemon Scrub. Washing my face twice is an extra step I've found to help my skin stay clear, and is in no way necessary for everyone to do.

Then I use their astringent toner and every other day I switch this toner with Witch Hazel toner. Toners are an extra step to remove dirt, oils, and makeup from your skin after washing. I follow that with a facial mist, then eye cream and face moisturizer.

At night, I use their Night Cleanser and follow it with toner and a serum. Because my skin is normal-oily I don't typically put on a moisturizer at night, because my face gets way oily while I sleep.

At least three times a week I use their Deep Exfoliator and a clay mask. If I have a particular problem with my skin, I'll use a face mask two or three days in a row that works best for targeting it.

4. Serums and Mists are your friend

When we are scrubbing and exfoliating our face and using astringents and toners we are stripping away not only the bad but also some of the good. Just like we take vitamins by mouth, serums and mists are vitamins for your face.

Serums and facial mists can help balance your skin after we scrub away some of the natural good stuff our skin produces for itself. This is where tip No. 2 comes in handy.

Finding the right mist and serum depends on what you're looking for. You can know what you're looking for by doing some research.

Whatever my skin is needing at the time influences which one I choose to use. Serums are the same way, if I notice my skin is looking really dull, I'll use a toner with Vitamin C to help bring it back to life.

5. Got 10 minutes? Do a face mask

Now you really need to read the ingredients with this tip because some masks are not good to do very often! We want to help our skin not strip it of all its glory. That being said, Freeman face products are amazingly inexpensive and very good quality!

6. Watch what you eat

Chocolate is my number 1 enemy, it seems like I can't get away with eating chocolate without a zit or two popping up to say HELLO. Coffee is another source of trouble for me.

Caffeine, sugar, and salt are all things to keep an eye on when your face is acting up! I've found that green tea honestly doesn't taste much different from regular tea and is a great substitute for coffee that my skin is thankful for!

Like I have mentioned all throughout this article, everyone's skin is unique to themselves!! What I've said that works for me does not mean it will work for you. It takes time and research to get to know your skin, as well as some trial and error when finding out what works best! This summer we are all about healthy skin!!! Know your face, build your confidence, and live your best life!

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