Summer Outfit Ideas

10 Must Have Staples For Your Summer Wardrobe

Summer - check. Cute outfit, don't worry I got you!

Summer is upon us and that means the search for cute outfits that also allow for some ventilation because we ain't playing around with this heat.

Here is a short list of some staple pieces to have in your wardrobe to look cute and feel comfy - the best of both words - what could be better?

1. Midi Dress

You can pair this with some cute sandals or with sneakers for a more casual look. Plus its breezy and flowy, how much better can it get?

2. Smock Top

3. Off The Shoulder Top

4. Sandals

5. Flowy Pants

6. Midi Skirt

7. Jumpsuit

8. Overalls

9.  Button Up Blouse

10. Mom Shorts

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