Summer Activities Cost A Pretty Penny So Do These 10 'On A Budget' Activities Instead
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Summer Activities Cost A Pretty Penny So Do These 10 'On A Budget' Activities Instead

Here are some fun, free activites that will make this summer the best one yet.

Summer Activities Cost A Pretty Penny So Do These 10 'On A Budget' Activities Instead
Julia Feinbloom

Summer is fast approaching, and that means no homework, sun all day, and all the naps we could ever dream of. Although, there are some super fun things to do in the summer they may cost you a pretty penny, so here are 10 ways to have an amazing summer while balling on a budget.

1. Swim in a pool all day long

Nothing screams "summer" more than going swimming. Whether it's a community pool, a backyard pool, a random stream of water, jump in! Guaranteed the most fun (and free) summer activity out there.

2. Make some cute drinks (mocktails, of course)

A friend and I did this once where we looked up super pintrest-esque drink recipes and recreated them and it was so fun! All it takes is a quick trip to a grocery store if that because most likely you will have all the ingredients already at home. This way you can pretend you are at a five-star resort sipping nationally recognized drinks when you are really sitting in lawn chairs at your best friends house. Potato potahto I say.

3. Go to the beach!

Now, this sadly only applies to people who live on coasts (California, Florida and New Jersey kids I'm talking to you). Most beaches are free if you find some local spots, and those are usually the best. Coming from California I can say that the beach is the best free activity that this world has to offer, and you must take advantage of it.

4. Ride a bike

Now, this may sound so boring and more of a workout than a good time, but trust me going on a bike ride with your family or some friends is so much fun. The fresh air hitting you, the bugs flying into your face, there is really nothing better. But for real, its a workout and an outdoor activity all in one so how could you pass that up?

5. Hike!

Going along with my previous point about an outdoor activity, hiking is one of my personal favorites. I live near a lot of beautiful trails and it is a great way to clear your head or spend some quality time with someone. Hiking is FREE so there is another plus, and it makes for great calf muscles.

6. Start a garden

Now, this may sound lame and like something an old lady would do, but you can do it too!! Trust me, being outside, doing some work that you will feel proud of later, and growing your own fresh fruit and veggies?! There really is not any downsides here.

7. Take a roadtrip

I bet this is on most of your summer bucket lists, but you never get around to it. This will be the summer that you do! Grab some good friends, make an amazing playlist, roll down some windows and just drive.

8. Play a game of basketball

Do you remember how fun it used to be just going onto a blacktop and playing basketball with some good buds? Well know is your chance to do it again! We are never too old for a nice game of HORSE or Knockout.

9. Have a photoshoot

I know you were all waiting for me to say this one, since what else do teenagers do besides take photos of themselves? But really, go find a cute wall or aesthetic location, get your portrait mode ready, and turn your best friend into a supermodel. (the magic of a good camera and a lot of editing people)


I cannot stress this enough, go read a good book! There are so many amazing novels out there just desperately begging you to read them, instead of reading Snapchat cosmo news. This may sound super old school, but once you divulge into an amazing book, you will never want to put it down. And besides, what else are you supposed to do at the beach while you are tanning?

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