Dear everyone who hates the season of summer,

Summer is officially in full swing, and like you all, I'm already over it.

The heat gets unbearable, the rain is too frequent (although it's not always a bad thing), and all the bugs come out. Cockroaches, termites, mosquitoes; you name it, it's probably already made its seasonal appearance. UGH.

And I understand the frustration perfectly. I, too, have a large contempt for summer. Having lived in Florida for just about two decades now, I've grown to resent it more and more. The weather here can get ridiculously hot to the point where you're sweating within five minutes of stepping outside. If only the temperatures were cooler and the sun wasn't so blinding...

I'm honestly surprised the first day of summer isn't in May because that's when the dreaded hot weather really kicks off. Nonetheless, I'm already ready for autumn to come in and not only instill feelings of warmth and happiness but also bring back pumpkin-flavored everything. Including pie.


The worst part is that June is only the beginning of the long, dreadful, 10,000-degree-weather-filled season to come. And this is going on for three more months. So you'll know what I mean when I say I'm hibernating for the summer.

Luckily, just like it does every year, the summer season breezes by quickly. It may not be over yet, but before you know it it'll be the start of autumn, the start of all things pumpkin, and best of all; the start of all things HALLOWEEN (also known as the best holiday of the year; I'm super biased but that's OK because it really is the best holiday of the year)..

Basically, summer just really sucks, and I totally understand your contempt. Even though putting on sunscreen when you go outside is absolutely smart, hiding indoors is a spectacular idea. I recommend waiting until September 30th to emerge from your hibernation so you can get ready for Halloween 1st October 1st (I totally meant Halloween 1st). That and the long-anticipated cooler weather will put you in a fantastic mood.