If you’re like me, spending time with the same people for an entire year can get a little exhausting. Believe me, I love my friends, but my relationships with them eventually become comparable to those of my siblings. Drama emerges and even the little things begin to bug me. However, when summer rolls around, I am greeted with fresh faces that I haven’t had the privilege of seeing since the previous summer.

After working my fingers to the bone during the academic year, it’s time for a little R&R with my “summer friends.” We all have to play a winter’s worth of catch up and pack a year’s worth of fun into the short summer months. I rarely disagree with my summer friends because our time together is so short, there’s not much time to find something to fight about.

Having summer friends allows one to reinvent themselves during the summer season. One person may be studious and conservative with their school friends, yet may be outgoing and carefree with their summer friends. I am so fortunate to be able to have different groups of friends throughout the year. From my own experiences, I believe that it’s in one’s best interest to have different friends in different places. Taking a break from different relationships is refreshing and helps you to better appreciate those relationships.

Now that I am growing up and preparing myself to delve into the world of internships and big girl jobs, my summers with summer friends are gradually coming to a close. I know I’ll never lose touch with this group of amazing people because summer friends have a special place in each and every friend’s heart. So thank you, to my summer friends, for being my getaway, my best friends, and my family.