We are well into summer and unfortunately, it is not always the most fun time of the year. While the first few weeks were great, the wanderlust spirit is rearing it's oh so tempting head, especially if you have a job, summer school, or other commitments that ensure you have to stay within a certain radius from home.

To add insult to injury, your friends might be traveling and generally having the time you wish you were having… I feel you.

With two more weeks of summer classes left, I'm so close yet so far from waking up in the morning without having to rush to class. I can have breakfast after I wake up! I can go to the gym whenever I please and not have to worry too much about homework and classes… I can go out on weekdays without having to worry about classes tomorrow morning. Ah, the joy!

I catch myself dreaming about what I could do, once I am free… the places I will travel, the people I'll see, the food I will eat. It's a pretty picture that takes my mind off the math I should be doing.

The smells of a clean sea, toasty warm sunlight, and a cool fruity tropical drink (mine is just coconut water straight from a coconut) keep haunting my dreams. I have a small case of FOMO, to say the least. I probably would not do any of the things I daydream about, but wishing for something is half the magic, I can add details and wishes that I wouldn't be able to accomplish in real life.

So to all those despondent dreamers who dream of a summer that is more exciting and fun, keep dreaming. But also take joy in the little things...crushed ice on a hot day, the clearer weather, the sense of relief when you enter an air-conditioned building after being in the sun for some time… the simple pleasures of summer, that we take for granted during colder times. Learn a new skill if you can! Just don't wallow with fantasies 'cause mourning for a life you don't have takes away the joy that you could have with the one you do.