For college students, summer is finally here. For high schools, it's right around the corner. Either way, this is for you; what you do and don't do during summer vacation.

1. DON'T waste your summer.

Summer is valuable time for everyone. It has provided us with free time to spend outdoors in good weather, or creating irreplaceable memories with friends. Do not spend it inside doing something as boring as watching Netflix when you could be laying outside soaking up the Vitamin D.

2. DO go an adventures.

Find a new trail, a new body of water, or even a new restaurant that you have never been to and make the effort to go there! It is always great to find something new and try it out. You may like it, you may hate it, but it is always worth a shot and getting there is always a good time regardless of your feelings of the new place! Take a friend, sibling, or even your significant other, I bet they'll enjoy the time too.

3. DON'T binge watch.

Don't binge Netflix, don't binge Hulu, don't binge anything. This may be disappointing to some because binge watching Netflix is definitely popular and it can be awesome, but it's not the way to spend a summer. Get outside!!!!! Summer is the time to enjoy the weather, not worry about the next episode of god-knows-what.

4. DO work.

I know, it's awful. Working is never a great time and some may say it's even a waste of time. But, it is a way to make money, and who doesn't enjoy a nice paycheck?! Although working isn't usually fun, it can be a way to pass the time and without a job, you could just be sitting on your bum the entire summer because your friends probably aren't available to hang 24/7. So get up, go work, and get money!!!

5. DON'T binge eat because you're bored.

Food is glorious, it's a fact. But, because we have time on our hands in the summer it is common to wonder off to McD's one too many times, or even our pantries at home when we just ate 10 minutes ago. Only eat when you are hungry, not because you're bored.

6. DO exercise.

I KNOW TRUST ME IT IS NOT EASY. But, this doesn't mean cardio or some other boring exercise routine you probably dread. This could mean yoga, this could mean hiking, or maybe even just a walk down the street. Just get up, stay healthy, and don't become a couch potato.

7. DO have a wonderful summer!!

School is out and it's time to have some YOU time. DO it, have a great summer. DO SUMMER RIGHT!!