Now that it is FINALLY getting hot, it's time to pack away the sweatshirts (just the non-bonfire hoodies)! Here is a great PSA about summer and clothing that I suggest you continue reading.

Summer Clothing DO:

Do wear what makes you comfortable and feel cute.

Do wear clothes that go with the weather forecast (I live in Michigan so I always have clothes in my car just in case Mother Nature decides to ditch her planned forecast).

Do buy a cute bathing suit or dress online! Online shopping gives so many great options.

Summer Clothing DON'T:


I can not stress this enough. It is getting hot outside, which means less clothes. Less clothes means less skin being covered. This means that every blemish, scar, jiggly leg (totally normal btw), and any other normal body imperfection *because we aren't Barbie dolls* that was covered up by a winter coat is now out in the open. You have no right to judge a person based on the "cheekiness" of their swimsuit or wearing a crop top when it's 90 degrees out. Hello! It is fricken hot!! Just because a person has self confidence in their body does not give you a right to judge them. If you wouldn't wear it, that's fine. But we all have our different styles and life is too short to be judging a total stranger that you probably will never see again.

I am wishing all of you a great happy and memorable summer! Rock whatever swimsuit or clothing piece that you wish :)