Summer. As children we treasure it. We hold onto it and never wish to let it go.

Then we grow up and as we grow, we realize that summer can't last forever. It's just another season in time. It brings about moments that we will cherish forever. It is filled with endless adventure and countless hours of wonder-filled opportunities. It holds a different meaning as we grow. It is not just a time to sleep in and run through sprinklers anymore, but rather, it is a time to reconnect.

When summer ends, I'm not just saying goodbye to bonfires and late nights, but as summer ends I'm saying goodbye to friends. Soon, I'll be heading back. Back to college I'll go and I'll be leaving behind a group of individuals who adventured with me, laughed with me, and connected with me this summer. I know its impossible, summer can't last forever. I don't want it to last forever. But, it's still hard to say goodbye to them again.

But, I think I've gotten the hang of it. After saying goodbye to summer time after time, I think I've finally realized something. Summer isn't just about spending time with friends and reconnecting. But, it is also a time to rest. To just sit upon the sand as the waves crash against the shore and rest in the silence. It's a time when the chaos settles and the beauty of doing nothing intrigues me.

So, thanks summer. Thanks for holding a special place in my heart. Thanks for the sunsets, bonfires, and countless adventures you held. And goodbye. I'm so very grateful for this wonderful season. But, I know you weren't meant to last forever.

So, as the sun slips behind the clouds and the sand turns cold beneath my feet, I'll breathe in my last breath of summer and welcome a new season with arms wide open; ready for the adventures ahead.