I have become a busy bee type of person as I have progressed in my college career, and quite honestly it has been amazing for my mental health. I am almost always on campus by 10 am, if not earlier, and while there I'm constantly going between class, my on-campus job, and my club sports practice. I usually don't get done with all of that until 6 or 7 in the evening, then I do homework with friends, and we will cook or get food. Basically, even though I'm a commuter, I see my campus more than I do my own apartment and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Once summer rolls around, I'm only in online classes, I have a part-time off-campus job, and outside of that I am... free. Free to waste the day away, do whatever I want, sleep whenever... and I hate it! I cannot stand having so much time to just do nothing. Don't get me wrong, having a day off here and there is always a godsend and I appreciate it, but when it is endless free time, it is more exhausting than being busy.

When you don't have a schedule to the day, it is easier to let things slide, forget what little responsibilities you may have, and just waste the days away. It allows for depressive thoughts to have more room to seep into your mind and manifest, especially when most of your friends are back home for the summer, and you're still in your college town. It takes me back to my life before I began to truly get to know who I am; when I would stay in all day except for school, and even then I was alone most of the day because I wasn't very social.

Having a packed schedule with many different activities where I get to interact with different groups of people and expand myself to be more than just a student or just an employee, helps me feel more like me. I don't give myself time to think about anything that isn't important, which happens often when I am home and bored too often. A busy mind is a happy mind in my life, and I wouldn't change a thing! Is it August yet?!