9 Must-Haves For A Summer Boating Trip

The warm weather is back and summer is just around the corner! With summer comes barbecues, pool parties, picnics, and best of all, boating days. There’s nothing quite like being on a boat with all your besties, singing the summer’s Top 40 tunes, and getting a good tan all at the same time.

But before you hop onto the deck and sail away for the day, here are the top 9 things that you’ll need to pack to make sure your boating trip is a successful one.

Summer Boating Essentials

1. Speakers

How many times have you thought or assumed that someone else was going to bring speakers to play music on only to discover that no one did? Don’t make that mistake when you go boating this summer. Bring a waterproof speaker that you’ll be able to bring in the water with you and rock out to this Spotify playlist all day. Make sure you charge it before heading out to sea.

2. A Giant Floatie...or 5

iant unicorn and pizza floaties. It’s time for you to get one of your own. Pick out the one that represents your perfect spirit animal or favorite food and inflate it on the boat before you reach your destination. Get ready for cute photos and relaxing times with your floatie by your side.

3. Life Vests

I know, this is such an obvious one, but people tend to forget the most obvious things the most often. Make sure that you bring enough life jackets for the number of people who will be on the boat. Life vests not only help you float, they are providing security and could help prevent potential boating injuries . In the event that weather suddenly changes or someone gets thrown off the boat, wearing a life vest will help people stay afloat in rough waters.

4. Medicine for seasickness

If this is your first time out on the water, and you’re unsure about whether or not you experience seasickness, bring medication just in case. Trust me, there’s nothing worse realizing that you get dizzy and nauseous when there’s no shore in sight. I personally recommend Dramamine to rid yourself of all symptoms.

5. Sunblock

It is crucial to have sunblock with you when you are boating. There are only a few places you can use to hide from the sun when you’re out on the water, so be sure to pick one that is water repellent and has a high SPF. Take a look at what could happen if you take in too much sun here.

It is also very likely that your lips will get burned or chapped due to the sun and wind. Remember to pack a lip balm with high SPF to try and prevent this from occurring.

6. A packed cooler

Here are some sandwich recipes for inspiration)

  • Energy drinks, sodas, and waters
  • String cheese and trail mix
  • Chips and cookies
  • Beef jerky
  • Beer (If everyone in your group is 21+)
  • Remind each other to eat as the day goes on to prevent exhaustion from setting in.

    7. Books or games

    If you’re looking for a peaceful and relaxing day out on the lake or ocean, pack the current book you’re reading with you. You can catch up with your favorite character with the wind in your hair.

    Are you heading out to the water with your family? If so, bring some board games that will help keep everyone entertained and laughing. I recommend bringing the classics: cards, checkers, and Uno. If you’re looking for water activities to participate in, I would recommend wakeboarding or snorkeling, depending on your location.

    8. First Aid Kit

    Whether you’re wakeboarding or jet skiing, there are plenty of ways to get a bump or bruise when you’re on the water. Bring a complete first-aid kit with you so that you’re prepared for any emergencies or incidents that may happen. Since most premade first-aid kits don’t come with waterproof gauze or bandages, pick some up at your local drug store before heading to the docks.

    9. A cute towel or tapestry

    These will definitely be Instagram-worthy. ;)

    Just like that, you’re all set for a fun day out on the water. Did I miss any of your boating essentials? If so, leave them in the comments below and let me know.

    Happy sailing!

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