By the beginning of finals week, college students are counting down the minutes until summer break. The tough and draining semester coming to an end calls for celebration and what better way to celebrate than to have a three-month long vacation away from responsibility and exams. However, summer break may not be all that great for college students. Sure, there are many aspects of a long and needed vacation that many students look forward to, but there are also some negatives as well.

One of the first things students think of when they think of summer is freedom from school and all responsibility. But this is not always the case. For many college students, three free months does not always mean late nights and partying, it means spending your days slaving away at work in order to pay for your education. Although some people like to make money, the money that is saved those three months doesn't always stick around, especially for college students. The needed textbooks, school supplies and residence hall contracts slowly drain your bank account and by the time you have to pay tuition there is hardly anything left. All of your hard work, gone in moments.

The one thing many college students look forward to when they get home from school is seeing their family again. A whole school year on your own can be tough and finally having a parent cook you a meal is any college student's dream. All though the meals are a plus, staying with your family after a long time away can be incredibly frustrating as well. Many college students are used to being independent, but now you are under your parent’s roof once more and you once again have to abide by their rules. No more late night McDonald's runs or staying up past three in the morning to do homework or have friends over last minute. Now, you have to ask permission to have people over and follow curfew rules. You slowly get back into the routine of being home, only to have it whisked away when you have to leave again when you leave.

The last thing college students look forward to is spending time with high school friends and family members you haven't seen in awhile. Your days are filled with being paraded around town visiting every relative you can before you have to go back. When you aren't being paraded around, you fill your hours catching up with friends you haven't seen in months. Between work, family, and friends there is rarely time to relax by yourself. Having busy days may be fun for awhile, but it gets old fast. Summer is supposed to be about relaxation and re-energizing yourself for the tough year to come back at school. But for some college students, the hours to relax are minimal, and the hours to relax by yourself are nearly nonexistent.

Summer can give college students the time they need to recover from a long year. But, a summer filled with long hours at work, frustration at home and days spent with family and friends can be incredibly exhausting as well. By the time summer comes to an end, students are ready to make their way back to school and begin dreaming about summer all over again