11 Things You Have To Do The Summer Before College

It's finally the time we feel like we've been waiting our whole lives for. The moment we walk the stage, we're officially no longer a high school student. Change can be overwhelming and scary. Once you pick where you will be attending school in the fall, make sure you complete these 11 things to ensure you're prepared for the school year ahead.

Set yourself up for a successful freshman year by completing this checklist of tasks to do the summer before you leave. Summer will be a much-needed break from the years of schooling you've just endured, but your responsibilities don't end when high school does.

1. Try as many local restaurants as possible

Before you go, take time to taste test all the local restaurants you won't have access to on your college's campus.

2. Buy some professional clothes

Get prepared for things like formal presentations and possible job interviews by packing some professional clothing.

3. Coordinate who's bringing what with your roommate

You most likely won't need two televisions or two coffee makers so figure out who's bringing what to your room.

4. Make a budget

Figure out how to budget plan in order to control your flow of money while attending college.

5. Get rid of old clothes you won't want to bring

Refresh your old wardrobe to help lighten how many clothes you'll be bringing with you.

6. Throw out all your old papers

Keep only the important files and shred all those notes and homework assignments from high school you won't be using again.

7. Pick out your first year classes 

Complete your class schedule so you can start thinking about renting or buying books and seeing what your workload is going to look like.

8. Start meeting people 

Introduce yourself to people who you'll be starting school with to help make new friends.

9. Make a formal resume 

Create a formal resume detailing your high school achievements such as awards, activities, and work experience This can come in handy if you're joining a fraternity or sorority!

10. Brush up on your foreign language

If your school requires you take a foreign language, brushing up on some vocab may be very helpful

11. Make sure you don't miss deadlines

Don't forget to complete things like housing contracts, meal plans, and placement tests.

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