Sudha Chandran Biography, Age, Life Struggle and Road Accident
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Sudha Chandran Biography, Age, Life Struggle and Road Accident

Sudha Chandran Biography

Sudha Chandran Biography, Age, Life Struggle and Road Accident

Sudha Chandran was born on September 21, 1964, in the Indian state of Kerala. Sudha Ji was from a modest family, yet her parents supported Sudha ji schooling in Mumbai.

Sudha Chandran Biography

Sudha Chandran was born on September 21, 1964, in the Indian state of Kerala. Sudha Ji was from a modest family, yet her parents supported Sudha ji schooling in Mumbai.

Sudha, the protagonist of this story, was always interested in dancing since she was a youngster. She took up Indian classical dance at the age of three. After completing her education, she studied dance.

She was recognized as an outstanding Bharatnatyam artist from the age of 5 to 16, having hosted more than 75 performances on stage. She had won several national and international prizes.

Sudha Chandran's Story

Sudha Chandran's Life Story (Sudha Chandran Biography) We will read about a lady who enjoyed dancing a lot in today's essay. She suffered severe injuries after her leg was amputated in an accident.

Will she give up before her fate or set an example for the entire world by winning as a fantastic dancer in the face of adversity?

Sudha Chandran is a young girl who won everyone's affection with her dance at a tender age, only to have everything fall apart when she had an accident that resulted in the loss of one of her legs. She had an accident in which she lost one of her legs.

The girl's feet that had been quaking to the melody of Hamesa suddenly stopped. But the young lady shattered world records in front of millions of people without a second thought.

The physical shortcoming was transformed into a skill and became an example for others through her prosthetic leg.

Sudha Chandran, who has made a unique place in everyone's hearts not just with her dance but also with her acting talent, is well-known throughout India. Sudha Chandran Ji is renowned across India as Ramola Sikand and Yamini Singh Raheja on the silver screen and television serials.

We will learn about Sudha Chandran's amazing story and Sudha Chandran's biography through this post. You may also refer to it as "Biography of Ramola Sikand" because today, Sudha Chandran Ji is more well-known by that name.

Sudha Chandran’s Life Introduction

Sudha Chandran's automobile accident and a successful prosthetic limb Sudha was returning home with her parents from a temple in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu when an oncoming truck slammed into her automobile. In that terrible collision, a lot of people were hurt.

Sudha Ji was taken to the hospital with three injured persons. It was discovered that she had broken her leg bone after taking her to the hospital. Her leg was bandaged by a doctor.

The doctor informed us that an infection in Sudha ji's right leg, which is comparable to gangrene, had already developed in her fractured limb, putting Sudha's life at risk if it wasn't amputated soon.

Hearing this, her parents gave the go-ahead for the physician to amputate Sudhaji's leg. The girl who loved dancing was unable to walk yet. She persisted in lying on the bed despite her injuries.

They started to believe that their future was now completely dark because they had only one leg. The young lady who aspired to be a famous dancer quickly changed her life, as if all hope were lost.

Sudha’s serious condition was adversely affecting her as well as her parents. The people of the society looked at Sudha and her parents with compassion and mercy.

She was terrified of leaving in the morning, and so she spent a lot of time late at night when her parents were asleep. She frequently went into the dark at night to avoid hearing their questions regarding Sudhaji's handicap since they were not happy about being away all day. Sudha Ji was furious by people's attitudes toward her.

Sudha ji’s prana

Sudha Ji then took a vow to do something to demonstrate that her life had not been interrupted in any way. She has to perform, she decided. To demonstrate this, Sudha Ji chose dance as her objective once more.

They needed to accomplish something that their parents would be pleased with.

Sudha Ji and Dr. Sethi Meet

Sudha ji was in the hospital one day when she saw an article about Dr. Sethi's "Jaipur Foot" in the India Today newspaper, which had a detailed discussion of his "Miraculous foot."

The Jaipur foot was developed by Dr. Sethi, and he was given the Magsaysay Award for it. Sudha ji wrote a letter to Dr. Sethi stating that she wished to meet him once news of his award reached her. Dr. Sethi agreed to meet with Sudha ji as soon as possible.

Sudha ji was given hope when she met the doctor. He asked the doctor straight away: "Will I be able to walk again? Do you believe I'll be able to dance again because of my Jaipur foot?"

“Why not? It all depends on your mindset; if you want to dance again, you can,” the surgeon's remark had a huge impact on Sudhaji's life. Sudhaji was operated on in Jaipur and transplanted there.

Sudha Ji recovered her confidence and forgot about the terrible accident, resuming her pursuit of happiness once more. She resumed teaching dancing with her fake feet. She began practicing dance every day and all night long. She also underwent a lot of pain while practicing dance.

After two years of hard effort, Sudha Ji had become a master of dance. They were allowed to show their talent once again.

When she performed with her fake legs on stage, the audience's response was terrific. For a long time, the clapping reverberated through the home. They eventually became known throughout the nation.

Sudha's tale began to show up in the press. It was then that Ramoji Rao, a well-known filmmaker, observed her narrative. In 1984, she made a film about Sudha's life in Telugu called "Mayuri," in which Sudha played the lead role.

In this film, Sudhaji won everyone's hearts with her dance. The picture was a huge success. Her Hindi-language venture "Nache Mayuri" received much acclaim and is still seen today. She also won the National Film Award for the production.

Since then, Sudha Chandran's life has changed dramatically, and she has appeared in several films since then. Sudha Chandran is a Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, and Kannada actress working in the film industry of India.

Sudha Chandran, on the other hand, did not allow her disability to become a stumbling block and instead turned into a successful actress.


Q: What happened to Sudha Chandran's leg?

A: Sudha Chandran lost her right leg in a tragic accident in 1981.

Q: How did she react to the accident?

A: Sudha Chandran was initially devastated by the accident, but she soon recovered and decided to fight back. She learned to adapt to her new situation and started dancing again, this time with a prosthetic leg.

Q: What is Sudha Chandran doing these days?

A: Sudha Chandran is still very active in the dance world and does a lot of social work as well. She is an inspiration to all those who face difficulties in life.


Sudha Chandran's story is one of courage and determination. Despite facing many challenges, she has never given up. Sudha is an example to us all, showing that nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it. Thank you for reading!

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