As midterms come upon us it is easy to get caught up in the stress of it all. However, you just have to remind yourself, it could be worse. Here is a list of things that are worse than midterms.

1. Hangnails

2. Stubbing your toe

3. Papercuts

4. Homework

5. Falling asleep with your makeup on

6. Hugging someone who's sweaty

7. Accidental cold showers

8. Finding a bug in your food

9. Soggy lettuce

10. The dining hall food

11. Tripping over air

12. Forgetting about homework until you get to class

13. Gluten-free cookie dough

14. Losing your phone

15. Greasy hair

16. Forgetting to charge your phone the night before

17. Not being able to nap

18. When you want to go to dinner but all your friends are busy

19. Slipping in front of a lot of people

20. Sneeze farting

21. “How I Met Your Mother” ending

22. The ending of “How I Met Your Mother”

23. Loud breathers in class

24. Finding out that wizards aren’t real

25. When Max wasn’t chosen as the family wizard in “Wizards of Waverly Place”

26. Corbin Bleu in “Jump In”

27. Group projects

28. When that one kid in your group project that didn’t do any work gets the same grade as you

29. No tissues in college classrooms

30. “Rick and Morty” has yet to be picked up by a new network