I will not shy away from competition because my gender instructs me to do so. I️ am a leader and, in my own time, I️ will construct a universe. There are times my moons are slanted and my stars are not aligned but there is never a time to cease my pursuit of excellence.

I️ will never take another step back without planning 10 steps forward in return. My counter strike will always be sharper and more experienced. I️ will not be held back because I️ am a girl.

I️ am impressive. I️ am from a suppressed and depressed lineage. I️ have socially evolved to be able to stand up for myself and I️ will not lay down and nod in order to be accepted. I️ am more liked when I️ am simply myself.

I will not be discouraged, discarded, discounted or disqualified by those who think they are superior to me. I will not be dismissed because of the traits of my gender. Those things which make me who I am should never be the things that hold me back from new opportunities.

I️ am persistent and strong. I️ am stubborn but firm and I️ know what I️ want. I️ know what is best for me when others do not. They do not live in my skin. I️ have grown this body, stretched this skin, trained these muscles, and taught my brain. Like everyone else. Like you. My job isn’t to like you, it is to be better than you; to accept you, but not the labels you put on me; to love you and to be independent of your lingering judgment. I am apart from the world's criteria for my gender.

I️ may be a woman, but I’m damn good at it.

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