A Subjective Ranking Of Anne Hathaway Films

A Subjective Ranking Of Anne Hathaway Films

A Genovian Queen Among Women.

Earlier this week, a few of my friends and I decided to take a trip down memory lane and watch Ella Enchanted: a classic Anne Hathaway movie. Feeling inspired (aka the re-emergence of my inner Hathaway fangirl), I decided to come up with my own definitive ranking of Hathaway films. Please enjoy this pointless list. Disclaimer: this is 100% subjective and based on nothing other than my opinions and general enjoyment. Film critics beware.

10. Rio

While this one is fun, I can't say it ranks pretty high for Hathaway. Fun songs, beautiful artistry, but not one of her best. Next.

9. The Intern

I'd be lying if I said this one didn't make me tear up, but the plotline is kinda stale and the characterization a little forced.Would still watch again though.

8. Love & Other Drugs

Listen, I'm a sucker for a nice love story. This does rom-com and does it fairly well (and def cried for this one, too. Plz give my tear ducts a REST, Anne #weak).

7. The Dark Knight Rises

Never would have pegged Hathaway for a superhero but... it works? Well? Big fan.

6. Interstellar

I. Love. Space. That's all. #steministhathaway? Get it trending ladies.

5. Ella Enchanted

No matter how many times I watch this one, I laugh at the exact same spots. You don't realize you need a fairytale remix/cover of Don't Go Breaking my Heart until you have it, folks.

4. The Princess Diaries 2

CLAIM YOUR CROWN, GIRL. Ugh, I love this series. I love Julie Andrews. I love Mia Thermopolis.

3. Les Miserables

This is a beautiful movie and role, and Hathaway's commitment to it was incredible. Live singing AND a dramatic haircut on camera? Damn girl. No wonder you got that Oscar.

2. The Devil Wears Prada

Is this even a surprise? I'm convinced it's impossible to dislike this movie. Meryl+Hathaway=a match made in heaven.

1. The Princess Diaries

Ok, again, not a surprise –– the second one is awesome, but this is the ORIGINAL. I could watch this movie on a loop for the rest of my life. A definite childhood favorite –– Mia Thermopolis is the awkward, nerdy hero every pre-pubescent girl needed (and every college girl). Genovia forever.

And fin: a completely subjective list that doesn't really accomplish anything other than affirm my love of Anne Hathaway. There you have it, folks.

Cover Image Credit: flickr.com

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Here are some of the best things about this show:

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40. This Iconic Line

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Cover Image Credit: Wikia

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